Do Category slugs have Zero Impact on Rankings?

Google’s John Mueller Says: Putting the Category Name or Topic Name in Your URL Slug Has Zero Impact on Rankings Google’s John Mueller just said that putting the category name or topic name in your URL slug has no impact on rankings. And he used a GIF to make his point! I am not 100%… Read the full article

Artificial Intelligence for SEO: A Better Way to Optimize Your Site

Artificial intelligence (AI) has crept into many of our lives quietly and without fanfare. It’s nearly everywhere right now, at work, at home, in automobiles, on our computers and phones. It has become indispensable in our lives. Furthermore, AI technologies are aware of our preferences for TV series and movies, music, and potential relationships. Other… Read the full article

How to Fix Your SEO: Data, Concepts and Optimization Goal Adjustments

SEO data, fresh ideas, and adjusting your objectives might help you discover what went wrong in your rankings. SEO data provides a wealth of knowledge. Everything you need is right there in front of you, and it’s so simple to find it! You’ll be able to examine leads, rankings, and engagement data. If something isn’t… Read the full article

ADA Compliance Lawsuits Threaten Businesses

ADA Fraud is a growing problem for businesses, and it’s essential to make sure you are taking steps to investigate this type of fraud. This blog post will go over the basics of ADA Fraud Prevention, including tips on studying and preventing ADA Fraud from happening in your business. We’ll also cover some examples of… Read the full article

How not to be a Victim of Copyright Infringement Scams

Copyright infringement is one of the most often encountered issues among website owners. Scammers will crawl a website and attempt to defraud them by claiming that they have committed copyright infringement and then requesting that they click on a link to see the evidence, opening a malware file that infects your computer. The newest scam… Read the full article

3 Most Common Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make with SEO Strategy

If small and even medium-sized business owners fail to get their desired results when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. They may be making some of the more common SEO mistakes. When you’re a small business owner, knowing how to optimize your website and its content to ensure that search engines find it… Read the full article

ADA Fraud Prevention: Investigating and Preventing It

In recent years, US corporations have been flooded with ADA and other state laws violations lawsuits alleging that their websites do not comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and various state legislatures, including the California Unruh Act. Consumers who are blind allege that because visually impaired people cannot access the sites using screen-reader… Read the full article

How to spot Image Copyright Scams

It is a problem that nearly every webmaster (or just web user) has run across; someone is attempting to scam them. The latest scam claims that the site committed copyright infringement and asks them to click a link to see the proof. When being threatened with copyright infringement, it is terrifying. There’s enough confusion about… Read the full article

Tips to Increase SEO, Rankings, and Traffic for Your Website

The process of building an SEO-friendly site with more organic search traffic generally takes time. This is because it requires planning, observation in addition to data collection. Don’t forget that the competition at the top is quite tight, hence you have to get everything right. That’s why some brands typically give up on SEO because… Read the full article

8 SEO Strategies For Small Businesses Success

The number one way for your business to be successful online is to increase the traffic to your website. When you increase traffic to your site, you get exposure to a large audience, which increases your chances of getting more sales. However, to increase the traffic to your site, there are specific SEO strategies you… Read the full article

Why do the majority of SEO Campaigns fail?

It is evident not all SEO campaigns succeed; the harsh reality is that most of them fail miserably. We delve into the most common reasons as to why most SEO campaigns go down the drain sooner than expected: Terrible Effort SEO campaigns should be given adequate staff and resources to help them succeed. Inexperienced digital… Read the full article

How to implement Successful Holistic SEO Plan

3 Steps That Make a Successful Holistic SEO Plan Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — the key to taking businesses to the next level by going digital. However, SEO is no simple task. It requires careful planning that would consider all factors involved. One mistake business owners make when performing this process is not thinking outside… Read the full article

Title Tag Update: Google August Algorithm Update

Google has just rolled out a Google August Update, which focuses heavily on how Google rewrites Title Tags. Google rewriting Title Tags and Meta Descriptions isn’t something new; Google actively rewrites 70% of metadata in the SERPs. The big difference with this update is where Google is sourcing its Title Tags; typically, Google sources its… Read the full article