How to Optimize Your Blog for Google: Increase Content Authority Long-Term

Content Authority

Did you know that there’s a way to boost your content in terms of visibility and reach? It’s called authority, and today we’ll show you how you can use this strategy to the fullest.

Authority and You

Authority can mean many things, but in the world of online marketing, it’s defined as the site or writer’s credibility and expertise in their respective niches.

The greater the perceived authority, the better the results. You’ll also experience the following benefits:

Higher On-Time Page and Less Bounce. It makes sense that visitors will continue to read your content if you seem like an expert on the subject rather than close the page and go to your competitor.

Greater Competitive Edge. People tend to stay with brands and sites that exude authority and expertise.

More Links and More Traffic. Long-term, your audience will want to read or enjoy your content first, thus leading to more traffic, links, and ultimately, success.

Loyalty and Power. Because of the authority bias, your content is seen as credible and accurate.

Effective Ways to Boost Content Authority

Now you know the benefit of authority regarding content and overall success. Naturally, you’ll want to know, how do I use authority to boost my content?’ What’s next?

The Old-Fashioned Way

People tend to build up experience throughout their careers. This goes the same for boosting authority online- you’ll want to expose yourself to your niche and get as much experience as possible.

Audiences will lean towards a person that has more experience in shoes, for example, than someone who’s just starting. Numbers make a huge difference here- 5 years is undoubtedly more remarkable than a year or two.

Be Clear, Precise, and Concise

Eloquent speakers have a higher chance to draw and connect with the crowd than someone who doesn’t know what they’re saying. The truth is, you don’t need a degree in speech or attend a ToastMaster session- you need to be clear and precise, not to mention concise in your writing.

The best way to present your content is to follow the keep it simple rule. Avoid industry jargon as much as possible- instead, replace them with everyday words and explain if necessary.

Readability is also a factor in exuding authority- keep your sentences and paragraphs short so people can scan them and get a gist of the subject.

Cite Sources and Provide Counter-Evidence

It’s excellent to provide counter-evidence now and then as long as you back it up with a solid argument. Also, don’t forget to cite where you got your sources and add links pointing to them. Original research and data that verifies claims should be included as well.

Admit Your Mistakes

Mistakes and errors are unavoidable facts of life, but there’s an excellent way to deal with them when you do encounter them.

Rather than hide the mistake, you can admit and take accountability for it. Even industry leaders and niche veterans blunder now and then, and the best way to keep your following and authority is to own the mistake and move on.

How to Add Authority to Content

Go With Quotes

It’s okay to borrow quotes from other industry experts and add them to your content; make sure to give credit where credit is due and ask permission if it’s necessary.

You can reinforce making a point by quoting another authoritative figure. It’s another way of saying someone powerful agrees with me.

Do Collaborations

As you grow in reputation, you can put in a different yet equally powerful type of content: collaboration. Working together with other authoritative figures in a single project is undoubtedly better than going at it alone. Furthermore, you and the person you’ve collaborated with benefit from a shared audience.

Curate Now and Then

Sometimes you can mix up your content and introduce curated articles written by another person. Additionally, you can invite people to do guest posts on your social media channel or blog. Just make sure that the content you’re getting is considered an authority in their respective niches.

Content marketing strategy becomes even more powerful when combined with authority. Come up with a plan of execution so you can rise above the rest, and don’t forget to collaborate for shared benefits.

Published on: 2021-12-14
Updated on: 2022-01-05

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