John Muller Explains the Disparities in Search Console Query Reports

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John Muller, a Google representative, gives the main reasons for considerable disparities in Search Console Query’s reports. John Muller answered the question about the variation in the reports given by Search Console Query. In his explanation, he says that site level and page reports can report varied numbers of search queries than what is being displayed by the search console query.

The disparities in the Report of Search Console Query

The individual seeking to answer the question wants to be sure if anonymized queries were the main reason for the disparity in the search query data report.

Here is the question that an individual asked:

“In the Search Console, when I see the pages report, I tap on a single page that features 241 clocks.”

The Google representative answered:

“Well, that is usually the case. Therefore, in a closer look, when you see the page level, we can display to you all the info in the Search Console.

And the main reason for that is that there is nothing unique regarding the individual page inquiry.

However, when it comes to dealing with queries, you’ll find that there are those queries that only possess very narrow and use.

And we don’t show those in Search Console.

When you check the report, you’ll get to view, on the one hand, the number that is often on top of the report, where it states something like your total impressions is 30:40.

And you can check at personal impressions and tap for every personal query.

And at times, when you try adding the table up, you’ll find that it is not matching.

And that is basically due to our company dropping all those queries like anonymized queries.

And it is such a kind of difference that you’ll experience over there.

Therefore, in Search Console, if you can view it on a page level dimension, you will view slightly varying numbers than when viewed per the query level.

Also, on the query level, when you see the table itself, you might view varying numbers as opposed to the summary on the top level.

And from our point of view, if you wish to look at single queries, this can be very useful at the query-level data.

However, if you view from a full picture point of view, you might wish to see at the site level or page level outcome and leverage that to track the changes and trends over time.”

Anonymized Queries

Google does not display other search queries which may have “Sensitive or personal information.”

Now the problem is that Google documentation does not show the kind of data that is sensitive or personal.

A webmaster assistant discussion topic began by somebody relating which 90 percent of queries are fully anonymized found out that a wide range of questions has the person’s name. That kind of discussion offers a hint to one single query that might be anonymized, a query with the person’s name.

As per Google’s doc, all queries with sensitive or personal info are anonymized.

Here is some of Google’s explanation about this:

“So rare queries, often referred to as anonymized queries aren’t displayed in these outcomes to safeguard the safety of user who is responsible for making the query.”

Somewhere else on the similar Search Console support, Google points out that the report you get might not track queries that are not very regularly.

“For instance, we may not follow up some queries which make too small number of time or even those that have sensitive or personal information.”


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Published on: 2022-03-27
Updated on: 2022-06-17

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