ダックダックゴー (DDG)

No, the DuckDuckGo browser (DDG or is not owned by Google LLC or not another Google search engine. It is an independent privacy-focused search engine option created in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. DuckDuckGo is known for its focus on users’ privacy protection from third-party trackers and not tracking their web browser search history.


DuckDuckGo is an alternative to search engines like Google, Mozilla, and ビング that track users’ search history and personalize search results based on that data. ダックダックゴー does not track users’ search history and instead displays the same search results to all users for a given search query. It also has a built-in ad tracker blocking feature and encrypted connections to help protect users’ internet privacy. DuckDuckGo can search the web, イメージをはじめ、ニュースなどの情報を提供します。

でデフォルトの検索エンジンを変更することができます。 グーグル Chrome、Firefox、Safari(iOS)、Brave。

Why do some people prefer DuckDuckGo instead of Google Search?

DuckDuckGo search engine became popular due to its private search engine feature as グーグル検索 can track your activity on YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Android, Gmaps, and all the other services they run using trackers such as your IP address, the reason why some of the internet users will have to install a browser extension like VPN to avoid being tracked.


ダックダックゴー 検索は400以上のソースを使用して結果を提供します。Microsoft Bing、Yahoo、Apple Mapsなどのソースを含む。


DuckDuckGo, Inc.’s business model generates revenue from serving Yahoo-Bing ads and affiliate relationships with アマゾン とeBayに掲載されました。


  • Is Duckduckgo or really safe?
  • Duckduckgoは不正行為に使われますか?

Updated on: 2024-03-17



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