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A Guide to Bing SEO

After Google, Bing is the second search engine with an 11.5% and 13.5% share of desktop searches in the UK and US. Hence, businesses must implement proven strategies to get a high ranking on Bing. By doing so, they can reach a sizeable level of targets. In the following, we will learn how to improve your ranking on Bing.

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What helps to boost ranking on Bing?

Microsoft has updated Bing Webmaster Guidelines. The guidelines cover all the essential factors, and you can consider them to rank high on Bing. You can go through the detailed documents to make improvements to your site. You will know how Bing works and which changes can make a difference. The most important factor is relevance. Also, you will have to consider user signals. Apart from all these, the loading speed will be a determining factor. Let’s cover all the aspects one by one.


When it comes to relevance, it relates to the intent of uses. Bing states that a few things will decide how your website can attract more customers. Bing will check your web page’s content, abbreviations, and synonyms. All these will determine your ranking.


You cannot rank high on Bing without enhanced customer satisfaction. Bing will decide the satisfaction level based on the search result, spending time, and scrolling. For example, if users spend more time on your webpage, it indicates satisfaction.


Content will play a dominant role in the success of any website. Without fresh content, you cannot rank high on search engines. Also, you will have to update your content regularly to attract more visitors. As stated by Microsoft, the content needs to be fresh and relevant for years.


Bing focuses on the reputation of websites to assess their quality. You might be thinking about how to build your website’s reputation. Yes, transparency, clarity, and unique content will be helpful. With the right strategy, you win the trust and build a reputation.


The page loading speed will play a deciding role. If your website pages take longer to load, users will lose interest. According to Microsoft, you must find a way between user experience and absolute page loading.


In addition to all these, the location will have a significant role. You can boost your ranking on Bing by targeting the right area.

How Bing SEO is different from Google SEO

  1. You will not find much difference between Google SEO and Bing SEO. Yes, they will have similar SERP features. Like Google, Bing considers Knowledge panels, Featured Snippets, and Direct Answers.
  2. There will be some unique strategies for Bing as well. Bing will show rich snippets more compared to Google. Also, Bing snippets will have more text. Besides, you will find its Meta description more elaborated than Google’s.
  3. There will be a noticeable difference in the backlink results of Bing and Google. The reason is that Bing pages will not crawl much. Hence, it might take more time to find a backlink. However, you can expect fast results from Google. It will take twenty-four hours to two weeks to get backlinks. When it comes to Bing, it might take more than six months.
  4. Bing has some advanced Windows 10 features. Hence, you can expect many improvements. We can take a simple example. The desktop background will change daily. Also, you can get more information on the desktop background by clicking on it. It will take you to the search result. Also, it will help those websites to get organic traffic.
  5. Users will have the option to register a domain name with Bing. They can join in the Webmaster tool. By doing so, they can access optimization and crawling data. They can use mobile-friendliness and security data as well. They can also know their ranking on Bing.

How does Bing help online businesses?

As mentioned earlier, Bing is the second most popular search engine. Hence, if you want better exposure, you cannot ignore Bing. You can check Google Analytics to know about the Bing traffic for your website. It is worth mentioning that Google Analytics will add different factors, such as acquisition and source. You can also compare Google and Bing traffic through the conversion targets. If you find the figures promising and your target is desktop users, you can consider using dedicated Bing SEO and Bing Ads to get better exposure.

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