It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to crawl a website and suddenly see the timeout or 403 Forbidden error message. What do you do when you encounter the most common on-page messages on your screen: HTTP status code errors, bad requests, internal server errors, or HTTP response “no response” errors? How can you fix it? In this blog post, we’ll explain the 403 Forbidden error and provide some solutions to fix it. Stay tuned!

艾萨克-亚当斯-汉斯 - 尖叫的青蛙403禁忌错误


403 Forbidden状态代码是一个服务器端的错误,表明 服务器 refuses to fulfill the request. This can be due to several reasons, including but not limited to: the request is being made for a resource that does not exist, the user does not have sufficient permissions to access the requested resource or the server is configured to requests from the user’s IP address.

不管是什么原因,一个403禁止的错误将阻止用户访问所请求的内容。 资源.在某些情况下,服务器可能会提供一个重定向到另一个可以访问的页面或资源;在其他情况下,用户将需要联系网站所有者或管理员来解决这个问题。无论哪种情况,一个403禁止的错误都会使任何一个人感到沮丧。 用户 遇到它的人。

如何在Screaming Frog中修复403禁止状态代码错误

  1. 该页面无法退出


    Plausible cause 1: The request is being made for a resource that does not exist



  2. 需要认证


    Plausible cause 2: The user does not have sufficient permissions to access the requested resource.

    在某些情况下,该页面有密码保护。您需要在Screaming Frog的模式弹出窗口中输入用户名和密码,以便它能抓取该页面。

  3. 服务器正在阻止你


    Plausible cause 3: The server is configured to block requests from the user’s IP地址.


  4. 降低爬行速度


    解决方案1。 你可能把蜘蛛设置成爬得太快、太猛了。


    配置 >> 速度 >> Spider Speed Configuration


  5. 改变用户代理


    解决方案2。 如果网站阻挡了Screaming Frog爬虫,请改变 用户代理 在 "尖叫蛙"。

    配置 >> 用户代理 >> Present User-Agents

    一些服务器被设置为阻止任何东西,除了一个 谷歌机器人.

  6. 改变你的IP


    解决方案3。 改变你的IP地址



  7. 将你的IP列入白名单


    解决方案4。 在服务器或网站上将你的IP地址列入白名单


    选择是无止境的,但一些安全服务阻挡了你的爬行,可能是。 词霸(Wordfence, 云飞扬,以及 失败禁止如果你没有意识到任何 安全软件 运行,最好是咨询你的IT部门。


Encountering a 403 Forbidden error while using Screaming Frog SEO Spider can be a frustrating hurdle in the pursuit of optimizing a website’s performance. 

However, armed with an understanding of its causes and solutions, one can effectively navigate through this issue. By addressing potential factors such as non-existent pages, authentication requirements, server restrictions, and 爬行 speed, users can troubleshoot and resolve this error efficiently. 

Additionally, implementing strategies like changing User-Agent, IP address, or whitelisting can further mitigate such obstacles. By leveraging the functionalities within Screaming Frog, users can enhance their technical SEO endeavors, ensuring smoother crawling experiences and facilitating the optimization process. 

Remember to verify internal configurations, check robots.txt files, address broken links, and utilize meta tags like canonical and nofollow to bolster search engine visibility. By staying informed and proactive in managing client errors like the 403 Forbidden status code, webmasters can navigate through technical challenges, fostering a more optimized and seamlessly accessible online presence. 

For more detailed guidance on addressing technical SEO issues, explore the resources available on screamingfrog.co.uk and utilize tools such as the Response Codes tab within the Screaming Frog interface. With diligence and strategic implementation of solutions, users can overcome hurdles and propel their websites toward greater visibility and success in the digital landscape.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have trouble fixing the 403 Forbidden error. We’ll be more than happy to help out!


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Updated on: 2024-04-10



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