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Are you looking for ways to rank better in major search engines? You can get SEO audit services to help you diagnose why your site may not be ranking high on search engines. We are the best SEO agency with a lot of experience in search engine optimization. We offer site analysis and will develop an actionable strategy to help you be more visible online.

Technical SEO Audits

An SEO audit is essential to improve your sites regarding visitors who become your prospective customers. An SEO strategy as we offer is inevitable to kick start when you want to start seeing results. The SEO audit process analyses the site as mentioned in terms of accessibility and crawlability to indexation and site optimization.

Search engines are very strict with the laid guidelines and instructions, which, if you don’t follow, your site is highly disadvantaged. It would be best to get quality recommendations ranging from the setup of your website, accessibility, geo-targeting, and site speed.

The search engines are also very keen on big websites. As your website expand, you will face more risks. For the best online visibility, we deliver technical services in performance audits that help us solve your websites’ problems. About this, we can also optimize the website effectively.

Our prices are very fair and affordable. Our technicians are dedicated to producing the best of their experience; they have worked with SEO audits over the years. Therefore, you have a guarantee of the best service that you can rely on 100%.

You will get technical expertise from our side since we only know about giving out the bets. The digital marketing services allow us to work remotely, and you can contact us anytime you feel like it. We then operate as partners and offer friendly advice to ensure you reach your SEO goals effectively.

We are keen on the dynamics of the online world. Having been in the field for close to a decade, we have seen a lot come and change, which helps us create a unique service and withstand the new regulations set by major search engines that may hinder your site’s high ranking. We base our SEO audit on the developed algorithms, strategies, and links.

Since we have many processes, you will find the breakdown as you read along the lines. In summary, our main tasks in the audit process involve:

  • We check and identify the highest-performing content.
  • Check for any website errors and identify each comprehensively.
  • Develop solutions and seamlessly implement them on the site

Why You Need an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit checks for site errors and helps you uncover what needs to be fixed on your web pages to boost your search engine visibility.

It is common to feel that your site is perfect and optimized. However, an SEO audit can reveal another critical issue that you may have been assuming or never got to your radar that affects your site’s response to the search engines. Your site has no limit and can always do better than what it is with a proper audit.

From time to time, there are several baseless and useless SEO-based tactics that you may need to waste time and money on trying to focus on your site’s returns ad SEO optimization. It would be best to carry out a seamless, comprehensive audit and provide you with all the necessary information to develop new SEO strategies.

Our SEO audits are also designed for people who may have trouble ranking their websites high on search engines and improving their keyword research. The problems might sometimes persist, but you may not recognize them. They can easily be solved by getting our SEO services as soon as possible to rank better and increase visibility.

You can also suspect that your page is slow, but it is impossible to confirm from your side. The website’s content is another essential part of SEO rankings. When you suspect it may have content duplication, and yet you can’t confirm, then it is time to look for SEO services to audit your site.

Also, you may lack the SEO audit tools to check everything you may need to. You can get the services quickly without any hassle by consulting us. As already discussed, we take no time to diagnose every possible factor that may affect your site. We examine everything and improve the features of the site to enhance your marketing strategies by 100%.

We are here if you want to rank higher or get actionable advice that helps you develop better knowledge on what to do. It would be best for a new website to seek SEO services to improve their earliest pages if they experience high competition with other existing businesses.

Therefore, it is prudent that SEO services are the first step to making any online marketing strategy work to its best. We have done this for years by focusing on the critical parts to assess the SEO strategy to help you discover better opportunities.

On-Page Issues That Affect SEO

A website can only be said to be attractive if people see it and interact with it effectively. Over the years of working on technical audits, we have met several clients with super engaging, beautiful, and well-developed websites that couldn’t rank better on any search engine. The clients did not even know what may have been the cause of the slow ranking and returns from the website they probably spent a fortune to develop.

The issues are different and can be categorized into one form or another. The most common problem is the content on the pages. The content may be ‘thin’ in that it misses important vital things such as title tags and meta descriptions. Apart from that, the sites might have multiple URLs resulting from duplicating content.

We pride ourselves on vast experience in dealing with such issues. After the identification process, we will provide you with a seamless solution to improve the pages and experience a higher ranking site for better results. The results are almost instant and favorable to your rankings.

Off-Page Issues That Affect SEO

There are also off-page factors that may affect your visibility on search engines without your knowledge. We have to filter them out and let you start performing better. The off-page factors make up almost 80% of the algorithms; therefore, off-page analysis is critical to your site.

The off-page factors are more inclined to links. It would be best to check the anchor texts and where the links are placed within the pages. Therefore, it is challenging to identify them manually, making us the perfect choice to find out more about your site. Our experts can spot these hard-to-spot factors and develop a content strategy that you can use to eliminate them effectively. With this, your presence online will be significantly enhanced, and you can enjoy more site visitors.

Types of SEO Technical Audits

Most people refer to SEO services as technical audits. However, it is slightly different from another type of audit that focuses on keyword rankings, backlinks, content, PR, negative SEO, or local SEO. Technical SEO audits mainly focus on the infrastructure of your website. In turn, it acts as a pivot to all other types of audits explained below:

Content audit

Here, we assess the quality of content on your site and its relevance to your site.

Link Profile audit

Your incoming backlinks are critical for a high ranking on search engines, and we also check their quality and how they are placed. Link auditing outlines issues related to inbound links, bad links or broken links in your website.

Performance audit

Here we check how much your content aligns with the objectives of your site.

Technical Audit SEO

This type of audit highlights problems on your website. It will also show you the advantages and opportunities you have as a site over your competition without focusing more on keyword targeting, link building, or content.

We first understand the information architecture to be easy to come up with the website sections or segments. The information architecture and the technical architecture are diverse yet related. Technical architecture is laid out above and provides the scope for SEO technical audit.

On the other hand, the information architecture looks at an organization, labeling, and making content more useable and easy to find online.

Our SEO audits processes are actionable. We follow up with a comprehensive audit report and recommendations that will enable you to continue ranking high from the service. The sections are broken down into manageable steps to let you read without hassle. Our service is provided on a priority basis where we show you what you need to work on first, making it a seamless migration into having a top-ranking website.

Our reports provide more information such as patents, algorithm updates, metrics, and top hacks on how the best Googlers rank higher and higher. We operate within your budget, and you can also get a discount as a first-time client. Contact us today for a free consultation.

In-house Audits

Our site audits are done in-house, based on an in-depth analysis of your website and an interview with your team to determine short-term & long-term goals. To succeed in the online world, businesses need to keep up with changes in algorithms, linking, and strategies.

Our Process

  • Identify performing content. 
  • Identify website errors.
  • Implement solutions.

What is involved in our comprehensive SEO Audits?

Our website SEO audit services begin with an overall analysis of your website to find technical errors holding your website back in the rankings; we assess what action is needed to optimize it for search engines.

SEO North offers recommendations for improving your website to boost your overall search engine rankings based on this analysis.

These recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Organize content using informational architecture
  • Identify Thin & Duplicate content
  • Locate dead pages (no organic traffic)
  • Broken links (& fix bot errors)
  • Title tag + meta description optimization
  • HTML validation
  • Page speed testing
  • Detailed technical site error tests

All of this is included in both our off-page and on-page SEO audits.

The Top 5 results on page 1 get 75% of all clicks
The Top 5 results on page 1 get 75% of all clicks.

In all of our Audits, we include tips on how to improve your website:

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.


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