Por que o DuckDuckGo é ruim


Muitas pessoas têm falado sobre DuckDuckGo (DDG) web browser, a private search engine, lately. The popular privacy-focused search engine that prides itself on privacy protection has come under fire for not being as private as people assumed. In recent years, the DuckDuckGo search engine has been the most popular alternative for people who want to avoid Google and other search engines that track users’ webpage online activity and data collection and have no internet privacy usage. It claims to block trackers from advertisers and filter out personalized search results. DuckDuckGo’s tagline implies that it is private, and its privacy structure is simple. However, a researcher named Zack Edwards revealed that there were some things DuckDuckGo.com did not tell users.

Por que DuckDuckGo não é tão privado quanto se pensava anteriormente

An investigation of DuckDuckGo’s browser showed that it had a contract with Microsoft para Sindicados search content. This means that some of Microsoft’s sites can bypass certain tracker-blocking features of DuckDuckGo. As the entity stated before, it still does not store the personal information of the people who use it. However, the contract means that Microsoft can track users’ IP addresses if they click on ads.


The allegations were affirmed by DuckDuckGo’s founder and CEO, Gabriel Weinberg. He acknowledged that the company allowed some of Microsoft’s trackers but strived to protect ad clicks. Also, he noted that DuckDuckGo search results and ads remain entirely anonymous. Weinberg emphasized that the tracking in question attempts to stop websites from loading third-party tracking scripts. He said that stopping them improves privacy and download speeds. DuckDuckGo plans to release an upgrade soon to enhance Microsoft’s third-party security.

Mais Backlash para DuckDuckGo

Logo após o envio das forças russas para a Ucrânia, Weinberg anunciou que a DuckDuckGo começaria a baixar o ranking dos sites que se espalharam desinformação associada à Rússia. Como muitos usuários da DuckDuckGo que são defensores da privacidade on-line também são promotores da liberdade de expressão, eles argumentaram que a decisão foi injusta. Weinberg compartilhou a decisão via Twitter e recebeu muitas respostas desfavoráveis de pessoas que acusaram a DuckDuckGo de parcialidade e censura.

propaganda da rússia

In all fairness, the platform did not mislead people in this aspect. The decision has nothing to do with privacy, which is one of the main reasons people choose the motor de busca over others. As Weinberg stated, the key points of DuckDuckGo are privacy and relevance. The search engine is open with users about its content ranking feature that shows them more relevant content instead of less relevant information. Weinberg said that the company plans to continue its estratégia for showing relevant results. Without a structure to show more relevant conteúdo, the quality of all types of searches may suffer. However, the tracking issue still worries many users.

Feedback do usuário anônimo

O DuckDuckGo é seguro para ser usado?

Currently, DuckDuckGo is working to omit the problematic Microsoft contract clause. Weinberg said that the current structure keeps DuckDuckGo from “doing more to Microsoft-owned properties.” DuckDuckGo remains committed to changing this. People who currently use DuckDuckGo for searches can still use it without worrying about their searches being shared. All search queries and search results on the DuckDuckGo platform are anonymous. However, once a user clicks a link and navigates to another website, that activity may not be anonymous.

As Weinberg said, the DuckDuckGo platform functionality is imperfect and never will be. It is still a more private option than big-name search engines. For people who do not trust DuckDuckGo now and want to try a different browser, Corajoso e Página inicial são duas opções comprometidas a não rastrear os usuários.

Prós e contras do DuckDuckGo

Prioriza sua privacidadeNão tão conveniente como a busca no Google
Suas informações pessoais não são reveladas a terceiros (a menos que você clique em um anúncio)Fewer integrated serviços like Google Maps. Gmail, etc
Todos obtêm os mesmos resultadosNenhuma personalização pode produzir resultados menos relevantes
Interface simples e fácil de usarBased in the US–can be compelled to hand over data to law enforcement agencies.
Crescendo em popularidadeQuestões de privacidade

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