LegitScript: Providing Proof of Legitimacy for Healthcare, Drug Rehabs

how to get LegitScript accredited

Imagine getting that call. You’re desperate for help, and someone on the other line is promising you what you need if only they can get your credit card information first. It’s an all-too-common experience in a world where people are constantly bombarded with ads popping up everywhere, from their computer screen to the back of bus stop benches– but luckily, Google has been working hard at making sure scammers don’t take advantage of those searching for support. They’ve developed LegitScript (and many more programs), which makes it nearly impossible for scams.

What is LegitScript?

LegitScript provides a vetting process for healthcare providers and drug rehabs, ensuring that each business complies with local laws and is required to advertise addiction treatment rehabs. So, whether you’re looking for an addiction treatment center or need your doctor verified as legitimate before prescribing medication, LegitScript has you covered!

LegitScript accredited

LegitScript is a direct result of the HHS declaring the opioid crisis a public health emergency in 2017 after witnessing 42,000 opioid-related deaths in 2016. With this epidemic, there was a significant increase in the need for addiction treatment.

To counter third-party scammers, Google banned all ads targeting drug rehab-related keywords in September 2017. In 2018, Google began allowing facilities to target these keywords if accredited with LegitScript.

LegitScript Certified Benefits

There are numerous advantages to having a LegitScript certification if you are in the Addiction Treatment business. Your clients will be reassured that their information is secure with your organization. They won’t worry about identity theft or medical fraud when choosing you for treatment. 

You can make your rehab center stand out from the rest by advertising on Google and Facebook using keywords like “addiction treatment.” Pay-per-click advertisements are a speedy and effective way to see traffic and conversions increase. For example, if you search for terms like “best drug rehabs” or even something more specific such as “alcohol addiction,” there’s likely to be some advertisement relating to rehabilitation centers near me.

LegitScript benefits

In a world where many people are vying for attention, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, LegitScript certification will make your brand much more discoverable!

It also helps you keep up with your competition! When Google started a LegitScript certification requirement several years ago, competitors took the opportunity to advertise on Google and Facebook. To stay relevant, you must catch up to them in online advertising.

LegitScript certification is not just a check for Google. It’s also a way to reassure your patients and loved ones that you’re ethical, leading them to trust you with their lives more easily!

Do you need to get LegitScript certified?

Suppose you’re an in-person addiction treatment facility, recovery industry support group, or a crisis hotline and wish to advertise on Google Ads, then yes. In that case, you will need to be LegitScript certified.

The LegitScript Certified Process: What it takes to Get Accredited

The Legitscipt certified process can be tedious. However, this is where our PPC agency for Healthcare comes in to help you submit the necessary items quickly and efficiently. We have no problem with Google and LegitScript when they inquire about your business’s legitimacy.

LegitScript Standards

21 LegitScript certification standards

To know if your application will be accepted, you must pass the LegitScript standards. Here are some guidelines that they need to consider before receiving approval:

  1. Provide in-person treatment, a support group, or a helpline (LegitScript’s description .)
  2. ComplianceCompliant with licensing agreements & laws within your state
  3. Web content – LegitScript will check your website content to ensure that you have proper explanations of the services provided.
  4. Qualifications – ensure your center has training in the addiction treatment field.
  5. Professional setting – addiction facility is an experienced business, not a residential location.
  6. Facility disclosure – the applicant must reveal all physical properties and corporate entities under its control and to which it refers clients. 
  7. Privacy – all applicants must follow HIPAA privacy laws.
  8. Medication-assisted treatment – All drugs recommended by the treatment center must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 
  9. Transparency – Any treatment center that isn’t fully transparent with LegitScript during their application process will be denied.
  10. Unapproved advertising – advertising on Facebook or Google without a LegitScript certification is grounds for denial.
  11. On-site inspections – certified must agree that LegitScript can inspect their property and facilities at any time.
  12. Co-ownership – you are not allowed to have any relationship or affiliation with a lead generator.
  13. Incentives – applicants are required to disclose all incentives that they offer their patients in return for their services. If you do provide specific incentives, your application will likely be denied.
  14. Business practices – you are not allowed to give offers that deceive or defraud patients or the public in any way, shape, or form.
  15. Insurance – applicant must provide proof of insurance to operate a facility to be accepted.
  16. Background and history – The applicant’s criminal background check and critical staff members over the past ten years.
  17. Facility location – Applicants must provide lease information for the establishment of their facility.
  18. Policies and procedures – you must provide written policies and procedures that prove to LegitScript that they operate under best practices and want to give the patients the best care.
  19. Domain name registration – The applicant must provide the website of the treatment center and any other domains names it owns under the business name.
  20. Business registration – Your business must be a Registered LLC or Corporation
  21. Payment – approx. $995 upfront application costs and $1995 annual vetting charge

How to become LegitScript certified

If you’re a rehab center looking to become LegitScript certified, follow our step-by-step process below!

  1. Start with the LegitScript application form

    This part will inform you about the certification process and what to expect as you apply.

  2. Fill out the first required form

    Two forms are required to become LegitScript certified. The first form determines if you are eligible. It will also give you the cost associated with the application.

  3. Fill out the second form

    The second form will appear after you’ve made a payment to LegitScript. This form asks questions about your facility to help determine if you are eligible to become certified.

  4. Look for initial evaluation questions from LegitScript

    After you’ve filled out the two forms, they will send you a series of follow-up questions.

  5. Prepare for an on-site visit

    This visit will ensure all requests have been completed.

  6. Celebrate

    Party after getting LegitScript approved.

  7. Stay in Compliance

    Ensure you don’t waver in the process of staying in the agreement.

The process of getting Legitscipt certified can be tedious. However, this is where our PPC agency for Healthcare comes in to help you submit the necessary items quickly and efficiently so that we will have no problem with Google and LegitScript when they inquire about your business’ legitimacy.

How SEO North Can Help Ease the Process of LegitScript Certification

SEO North is here to make this process smoother and more efficient. Not only will our experts help obtain this certification, but they’ll also handle paid advertising, so you don’t have to! We intend to ensure that you can concentrate on attending to your patients while we worry about the technical part of your business.

With 20+ years of combined expertise in digital marketing within addiction treatment, our organization knows your website needs to convert expertly at the most inexpensive cost possible. Get in touch with us today, and we can help you get more people through your doors!


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