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Find out what Google is all about today and how it’s evolving to anticipate your needs. Learn more about its new features, the strategies involved in ranking well on search engines, and much more.

Is Getting “Google Guaranteed” Worth It?

In today’s times, there is a lot of competition to get your business noticed. Over the years, the way people have been marketing their businesses has changed dramatically. Back in the day, we put up flyers everywhere and ran ads in newspapers and magazines. However, these days you can market your business online and through… Read the full article

SEO Myths

What are SEO myths, and how are they dangerous? SEO myths stem from a misunderstanding of how Search Engines work by those seeking quick and easy wins with little effort. They are harmful because following these myths could hurt or dilute your SEO campaigns. How do SEO Myths come to fruition? Since we don’t know… Read the full article