Remove Google Photos from WordPress Insert Option

Streamlining Your Media Library Management

Jetpack—a versatile WordPress plugin—enhances the media handling experience by incorporating a feature that allows users to seamlessly link their Google Photos, Openverse, and Pexels collections to their website. Users can easily browse and select images directly from these external libraries when working on posts or pages. However, at times, someone might prefer the sole use of WordPress’s native Media Library for their image sourcing needs.

To streamline the UI and revert to just the WordPress core offering, a specific code snippet can be applied. By injecting this code into the website’s functions.php file it effectively removes the external media options provided by Jetpack. This simplification ensures that the image insert function within the block editor will prompt only the WordPress Media Library without the additional external sources.

Pastebin copy:


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Published on: 2024-01-02
Updated on: 2024-04-19

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