SEO Reporting

A Quick Guide to SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting

What Does SEO Reporting Mean?

SEO reporting is the practice of showing your results for search engine optimization work. This is the practice of increasing visibility for a business website and assets in Google.

SEO reports are a mainstay of most websites. What their demographics look like, in addition to conversion metrics such as bounce rate based on which pages they landed at before clicking through from the Google search results page – all this information will be helpful when optimizing future content! You can learn about the keywords that your website is ranking for and how many new visitors or old there have been over time.

Fundamental Reports (SEO Reporting)

If you want to engage your clients, fundamental reporting is essential. Here are things you need to do to ensure basic reporting is effective:

1. Configurable Dashboards for Straightforward Information

Dashboards are an excellent way for your clients to quickly and easily see how their search engine optimization efforts generate ROI. The best dashboards should be configurable so that you can show them relevant data, precisely the type of information they want in response to any given question or request from your customer service team!

DataStudio Dashboard
DataStudio Dashboard

Dashboards are the quick, easy access to essential data that shows your clients how their marketing efforts are successful. Clean dashboards can be an excellent way for you and potential new customers alike! Clients are interested in knowing where the most hits come from, so you might give them a dashboard tailored just for their needs.

2. Create Goal Reports

One of the best ways to showcase your SEO company’s efforts is by setting up goals in Google Analytics. Whether it be events, page views, or visit duration, you want clients and bosses alike to see direct links between their success and what they’re getting from an outside source like yours! Your employer or client might want to see how many events driven by their SEO efforts are driving traffic statistics such as page views per visit–which can help them reach profit targets faster!

google analytics goals
Google Analytics Goals

Running a successful campaign means more than just posting on social media and blogging. Reports can help prove your value as well, but it’s essential to run some benchmark reports beforehand so that the goals are achievable for you specifically; this will save time in setting new benchmarks every quarter if they meet or exceed previous ones already achieved!

3. Total Work Done Over Given Time

What, precisely, have you done to make your site more valuable? In the last month or quarter did something interesting happen that deserves mention. Did we add three articles with new keywords in a row, for example, which is not common but does happen from time to time when there’s enough traffic on pages with good content and high search engine rankings (keywords)?

Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Maybe seven additional pages were optimized, so they rank higher within Google searches by including new words related to both old ones already present as well as those associated exclusively only just recently added into their text without changing its meaning at any point during this process, either way, anything can be improved if given hard work towards finding creative solutions using natural language rather than relying heavily upon synthetic voice.

Keeping a detailed record of your work is essential for SEO success. To provide clients with an accurate picture and reliable results, you must document everything from keyword research through optimization efforts so they can see what goes on behind the scenes in their website traffic!

4. How Many Pages You’ve Optimized?

You might be working on a website with hundreds or thousands of pages. Overhead! The client knows you’ll need time to complete this project, but they want an update from your team at least once every few weeks highlighting how many tasks have been completed and which ones remain untouched for them to make progress with their deadlines looming.

Content Reporting
Content Reporting

Your client will want a report highlighting the work you’ve done so far. They know that this will be an overwhelming task, but they also understand how important it can’t hurt for there just happenings in general of making progress on their end too! This means showing off any optimizations or improvements made from the time-to date and future ones being worked towards by us moving forward together (hopefully).

Backlink Report
Backlink Report

How does your link-building strategy reflect on Wikipedia? Are you an SEO expert, but not sure if it’s paying off with links like Google says? Don’t worry! It’s time to start thinking about how well-built relationships can help build reputation and authority for businesses who want their brand mentioned alongside the big names on this platform – whether they are climbing up rankings or gaining more visibility outside of search engines such as Facebook Ads campaigns.

SEO Reporting? Growth Info

Organic keyword growth is not enough. You need organic traffic and conversion data to show your client’s progress on their keywords for them to understand what they’re getting out of paid ads and where you think the next level of optimization will improve performance even more!

Entire Keyword Growth

The ranking process is quite tricky, so you have to be on top of your game. One way to help ensure this task’s success would be by identifying related keywords that may rank easier or better in terms of competition than what was given as an input (ranking specific). You’ll find metrics such as overall keyword volume with SEM Rush–visual data provides insight into how they perform relative to other sites’ positions.

Suppose specific clients’ hot keywords start slipping down through Google organic rankings. In that case, there could well be fluctuations from another source rather than any drop-offs within quality content creation! In some cases, these extra searches might come at more expense per month because traffic typically declines over time.

Keyword Report
Keyword Report

Improve in Ranking for the Best Terms

A report that shows your clients how well you’re doing for their keyword is one of the best ways to make them happy. If we had ranked XYZ Widgets on page 7 in February, its rankings improved by one position per month until it reached 5th place in April with 600 searches total.

This would show our clients just what kind of service they get from us! To give these reports without sounding too canned or robotic – which can irritate some ears-we want to include metrics such as “keyword moved X places” where X equals movement over time.”

Top SEO Reports Regarding Performance Growth

Your website’s performance in Google SERPs is the very thing that SEO efforts aim to impact. I’ll show you where and what reports are most effective for showing general growth, as well as specific factors like user experience or lack thereof on your site so we can make sure it has a good chance at ranking higher than ever before!

Performance Report in GSC

One of the newer reports available to users on Google’s updated Search Console is an overview report that tracks your site’s performance. This gives you valuable insight into which keywords are driving traffic, where they rank for specific pages/ sequentially Photons, and regardless of any hard-won appearances /knowledge, thirty-two*32 footnotes appear at all times throughout each search query process.

Performance Report
Performance Report

The World is Turning into a Mobile Country – What Should You Do?

The fact is that people use their smartphones every day more than ever before. This means SEO efforts need be reflecting this new trend in technology so they can reach outwards towards those performing “near me” searches on Google or other popular platforms like Bing instead of just staying within local boundaries alone anymore! Your website and business are already lost if you’re not paying attention to mobile traffic.

Increase in Traffic Over Time

Your clients should be seeing an increase in traffic over time due to your work. That’s why it’s essential to show their report demonstrating year over Year (YOY) growth. Hence, they know what kind of results they can expect from their SEO efforts from now on, and if you have any significant updates coming up that might affect those numbers, then now would suffice for telling people about said update before things get too out of control.

Month Over Month Increase

When measuring your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts over time, it’s essential to look at YoY and MoM growth. Like YoY, Growth is an excellent indicator of success. Still, monthly reports can provide even more insight into how successful you’ve been with improving customer interaction by delivering them accountability in seeing their results right away!

Not only do clients love this because it gives them instant gratification-they also want granular data so that seasonal fluctuations aren’t overlooked, which makes sense considering we’re always seeking immediate satisfaction from everything around us -even our careers.

Traffic Metrics (SEO Reporting)

Traffic by Location

Your client has been getting a lot of new traffic, and you’re the one who brought them to this point. You know that there are different versions or countries with Google worldwide, right? But what if your boss doesn’t?

It would be great to produce some visualizations for him to see where our success came from without having an internet connection himself! To do this, I created something called “Google Ranks,” which shows various ranking positions based on keyword popularity in each geography around the globe- it’s filled up nicely since last week when more Americans were searching than usual due to Black Friday sales events here at home.

Traffic Via Referral Source

Your clients use social media to research products and services and make purchasing decisions.

Are you tracking which channels generate the most traffic? The answers may surprise you! This report will show us where our marketing dollars go farthest- whether Instagram or LinkedIn vs. Facebook ads, for example.

We might also take this opportunity to break down user segments into their categories. We know what type of people come from each outlet–oriented towards buyers versus users simply looking around.

Click-Through and Conversation Rates (SEO Reporting)

Conversion Rates Through Channel

It’s essential to have an awareness of your conversion rates. Conversion reports give you more context around how ads, emails, and content connect with people who are ready for action. It is no surprise that this information has become crucial in today’s world, where we all use digital tools like computers or smartphones constantly!

Custom Dashboard using Agency Analytics
Custom Dashboard using Agency Analytics

To see what may be causing discrepancies between desktop versus mobile conversions, run a report on each type separately before deciding whether something needs fixing across devices altogether.

Conversion Rates on a Template-by-Template Source

To find the right set of templates, you first need to know your conversion rate. How often do people convert after visiting a specific webpage on your site or app, and what does that tell us about which pages we should be optimizing for more conversions! 

To get started with this kind of research, I would recommend checking out Google’s guide:, but there are plenty of other tools available as well – one such being Adobe Campaign Manager, which has a fantastic feature.

Click-Through Rate for Leading Pages in SERPs

It’s essential to monitor your clicks and impressions in Google Search Console. You can easily see this data through Webmaster Tools by going into “Keywords” under the Campaigns & Performance Monitor section, where you’ll be able to view both Numbers of Clicks as well as Impressions reported per keyword or ad group.

FAQ About SEO Reporting

Do you want to produce high-quality reports?

Different SEO reporting tools come with different strengths—for example, some are more focused on backlinks, whereas others get deep into keyword research and performance. You’ll need a little help from the right tools. Here is our list of some great ones:

  • SEMRUSH: It allows users to create custom reports by dragging and dropping features or producing cast box reports about anything related to keywords ranking.
  • AHREFS: Best known for “backlink profiling,” it has become an industry standard when people think about “Backlink Profiling” because they were among the first companies offering accurate intelligence into where links come from vs. which page ranks #1.

It’s no secret that SEO is an art. There are many moving parts to consider, and there are several factors that you need to keep track of if you want your site to perform well in organic search rankings. But the good news is, with so many tools available today, it’s easier than ever before for website owners to get on top of their SEO game.

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