How to recover from a Google Core Update

Written for Addiction Treatment Facility owners

SEO is vital in finding new clients for your drug rehab facility; there is nothing more horrific than waking up to a significant drop in organic traffic. After looking through your analytics and considering recent website changes, you may come to the realization that you did nothing to trigger the change in rankings. Instead, the problem may be that Google introduced a major update to its core ranking algorithm.

Google Core Update Data Visualization
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SEO North offers FREE 360 Virtual Tours to Small Businesses

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are losing money. Many business owners are looking anxiously at their finances, wondering if they’ll be able to stay open until the end of the year. Some businesses have opened online storefronts, but for other retailers, this isn’t a viable option. How do they keep their client based interested until it’s safe for their store to open its doors again?

To help out small businesses across the area, a local company offers free 360 Virtual Tours to companies who want to spruce up their Google My Business page. A virtual tour allows clients to virtually “walk through” the store online and see what it looks like before checking it out in person. When stores invest in this kind of service, their sales tend to skyrocket. It adds an air of professionalism and integrity to their brand and shows customers the clean, safe shopping space and a wide range of products before they step foot in the storefront. Usually, a service like this retails for $350. But for a limited time only, SEO North is offering this service to small business owners in Ottawa, Canada–for free.

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Fake Addiction Treatment GMB Spam

There is an unfortunate spam situation going on in Google business listings for addicts seeking substance abuse treatment. Research shows that fake clinics are showing up in Google My Business listings when people search for addiction treatment centers, which appear legitimate. 

GMB Spam

Despite the seeming legitimacy of GMB results, these fake addiction treatment centers are just front companies used to take advantage of people who need treatment and have insurance to cover the steep costs. 

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