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SEO Myths

What are SEO myths, and how are they dangerous? SEO myths stem from a misunderstanding of how Search Engines work by those seeking quick and easy wins with little effort. They are harmful because following these myths could hurt or dilute your SEO campaigns. How do SEO Myths come to fruition? Since we don’t know […]

4 Reasons why your company might not need SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most highlighted marketing strategies given its ability to guarantee results at an affordable return on investment; this investment grows over time, even after you stop SEO campaigns. SEO involves improving your web traffic quality and quantity by optimizing the website’s content, design, and authority; this optimization […]

Examples of Website Goals and Objectives

In a world where so many people shop, research, and interact online, compelling websites are crucial. Whether your small business is fighting to stay afloat or thriving from increased online sales, setting specific goals and objectives for your website is vital. To craft practical website goals and objectives, you can take some examples into account. […]

How will SEO change in 2021?

This year, the pandemic changed many things; SEO in 2021 will see many changes. Here are my predictions for SEO Trends in 2021. User Trends Be prepared to pivot for user search intent. We saw a massive influx of changes in 2020 searches for toilet paper, travel, men’s haircuts. The key takeaway is that your content strategy […]

SEO North offers FREE 360 Virtual Tours to Small Businesses

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are losing money. Many business owners are looking anxiously at their finances, wondering if they’ll be able to stay open until the end of the year. Some businesses have opened online storefronts, but for other retailers, this isn’t a viable option. How do they keep their […]

Fake Addiction Treatment GMB Spam

There is an unfortunate spam situation going on in Google business listings for addicts seeking substance abuse treatment. Research shows that fake clinics are showing up in Google My Business listings when people search for addiction treatment centers, which appear legitimate.  Despite the seeming legitimacy of GMB results, these fake addiction treatment centers are just […]