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Learn how to use on-page SEO strategies to improve your search rankings and traffic.

Is My Site Crawlable?

A high-quality website is easy to read, easy to navigate, responsive, full of useful content, and very crawlable. But just what is website crawlability? How would you know if your site is sufficiently crawlable or if there are any crawl errors, especially on important pages? Is there a tool test checker or URL inspection tool… Read the full article

Mastering the 3 C’s of SEO: Content, Code and Credibility

You want your e-commerce company to grow and expand, and you know SEO strategy can help you achieve that. On the downside, you can’t make heads or tails out of all the technical jargon when it comes to marketing strategy, digital marketing including social media marketing. If you’re left scratching your head when you contemplate… Read the full article

SEO Strategies: Criteria for Selecting the Right Keywords to Target

Every website or webpage operator can benefit from knowing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that will bring traffic to their site as they aim to get a chance of ranking on Google search results’ first page and reach potential customers. Creating engaging, relevant content built around carefully selected, effective keywords is essential to attracting users… Read the full article

What are the Three Stages of Ranking?

Understanding the Three Stages of Ranking in Search Engines Your ranking in Google search engine results is one of the most important elements of running a website. In fact, it is the most important for many. This is especially true for businesses, especially in e-commerce, which usually want to reach as many people as possible…. Read the full article

Bottom line up front (BLUF)

Communication is at the center of all human interactions. Whether it’s regarding friendship, romance, or even commerce of all kinds, clear, effective communication is necessary for those interactions to be successful. Too often, we don’t communicate well. We hem and haw. We skirt difficult issues. We focus on small talk rather than saying what we… Read the full article

User Experience Signals: 8 Indicators to Improve Your SEO

With the abundance of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization tactics or SEO strategies that have proven their effectiveness, user experience often remains forgotten. Many marketers and eCommerce sellers simply don’t realize how crucial it is that their websites offer great UX. Yet, in recent years, after Google openly discussed the user experience signals it… Read the full article

Effective Strategies for Multi-Location Websites

When building your business, whether you have a physical store or e-commerce, setting up a website is one of the most vital aspects of establishing an online presence. After all, this is a digital-based world, where if someone wants something, they look it up online. However, optimizing the website for all your spots can be… Read the full article

Digital Main Street: What to Do with the Grant Money?

Digital Main Street is a non-profit organization with a popular grant program funded by the Canadian government to empower small business owners to thrive in the online landscape. But with the grant money in your pocket, you might wonder, “Where to go from here?” The truth is, I’ve seen many grant recipients struggle to navigate… Read the full article

Google Algorithms: Decoding the Secrets for Improved Search Rankings

Google, a ubiquitous tool in our daily lives, has its inner workings shrouded in mystery for most users. However, with newly leaked information from an antitrust lawsuit, we now have a unique opportunity to better understand the algorithms that power Google’s search engine. This article will explore these complex systems, shedding light on the intricate… Read the full article

What is the color of a hyperlink?

The color of a hyperlink is typically blue, especially when it has not been clicked yet. Once clicked, it often changes to a different color, such as purple, to indicate that it has been visited. These colors can be customized with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in web design, so they can vary depending on the… Read the full article

DMCA and OnlyFans: Protecting Content in the Digital Age

OnlyFans has been providing avenues for creators to share their work since it was founded in 2016. Amongst those who take advantage of its services are musicians, fitness trainers, chefs and sex workers. Although it is best known for the latter group of people, it has started focusing more so than it has on the… Read the full article

What is a Reverse Proxy, and How Can it Help SEO?

A reverse proxy is a server that sits between client devices and a web server, forwarding client requests to the web server and returning the server’s responses to the clients. Essentially, it acts as an intermediary, processing requests on behalf of the backend server. This contrasts with a forward proxy, which acts on behalf of… Read the full article

Reverse Video Finder: How To Find Video Files Online?

Have you ever found an interesting video and wondered about its source? Finding the source of a video comes in handy when you’re trying to find similar videos or you want to learn more about a specific topic. Using a reverse video finder, you can easily find the source of any online video in less… Read the full article

Add Me to Search: How To Create Your Google People Card

Have you ever used Google to check on famous people and prominent figures? Typically, the search results summarize the person’s hobbies, social media accounts, and public records. We could do so thanks to Google’s Add Me to Search feature. This capability makes advertising your business or personal profile simple in search results. In this blog,… Read the full article

Is Upwork legit?

Upwork is a freelancing platform that connects freelancers and clients to work on a project. The client and freelancer agree on a price for a project and have the freelancer provide the completed work and get paid by the client. Those who have been out of the freelancing business for a few years may not… Read the full article

How to Open a Drug Rehab Center

Opening a drug rehab center takes time, paperwork, and marketing savvy to be legal and profitable. While substantial regulation and the need for licensure are significant roadblocks for many wanting to launch a drug rehab center, developing and following a strategic marketing plan is an even more significant hurdle to overcome. After all, you’re not opening a… Read the full article

How Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Drug Rehab Facility

Content marketing, one of the newest types of online advertising, has swept the business, which is highly competitive. Content marketing is highly effective at generating revenue in a range of businesses. How does Content Marketing benefit Drug Rehabs? As you can see, drug rehabilitation centers are one of the critical areas that have significantly benefited… Read the full article

How to start an addiction treatment website that converts

Creating a website can be daunting – so many things to think about, and it all seems complicated! However, if you’re looking to start an addiction treatment website, I’m here to show you how easy it can be. In this post, I’ll outline the steps you need to take to get your website up and… Read the full article

Why does your rehab facility need SEO?

With thousands of drug rehabilitation centers across the country and possibly hundreds in your state, you need to stand out from your competition and rank high in your local SEO so that individuals looking for treatment can find you and review your services. What is Drug Rehab SEO? Drug rehab SEO is specifically researched and… Read the full article

9 Reasons to Avoid Blogspot (Blogger)

Do you need a website for your business or personal use and want something that is easy and affordable? If this sounds like you, you may be tempted to use Blogspot, which is now known as Blogger. It was first developed in 1999 and purchased by Google in 2003. With such a longstanding history, it’s… Read the full article