ZeroGPT Review – Can ZeroGPT Benefit Your Small Business?

It was inevitable that ChatGPT would spawn the need for AI checkers. After all, content is expensive, and those who buy and publish it want their money’s worth. So far, the content produced by a talented writer has not been bested by AI-generated content. Artificial intelligence can do a lot of things, some of them better than others. When it comes to content, it falls noticeably short.

AI content detection – Open AI and Bard detector too

For example, AI makes mistakes. It doesn’t know everything, even though it knows a lot. It has been known to lie, or so it seems. More likely, it is extrapolating relevant information and using it to bridge the gap between one idea and another.

Sometimes that strategy works, but when it doesn’t, it can seem like AI is purposefully being dishonest and hoping no one will notice.

AI hallucinations are erroneous results that AI models have been known to generate. These mistakes can be due to a variety of factors such as incorrect assumptions, poor language models, unexpected outputs, biased training data and insufficient training data.

The more AI is used for writing, the more noticeable such errors have become. Content publishers began to question whether the content passed off as original was in reality created by AI.

Marketers want authenticity and originality in their content. A blog post containing obvious falsehoods suggests to the reader that the organization or person producing the content is deceptive as well. At the same time, it’s impractical and even impossible to fact-check every word for its truthfulness.

That’s where AI detection tools come in. They track down AI-generated text so that content writers can remove it and replace it with content that’s truly original.

With the help of a checking tool like ZeroGPT, content marketers can determine how likely it is that an article has been written by a human and what percentage of the content is AI-generated. Initially, content from sites like ChatGPT was heralded as having taken over the content-is-king crown. Now, it’s not so likely.

Before the advent of AI detector tools, anyone who wanted content could sign up for ChatGPT, instruct it to produce the desired content and then publish it as an original text. It was so cheap and easy that human writers wondered whether their craft had become obsolete.

At least one inquiring scribe has asked ChatGPT itself whether it would be taking over all the writing assignments on the planet from that point on. Interestingly, AI reassured the seeker that the world would always need human writers.

This was good news for content writers, and with the advent of AI detection models, it became clear that AI text was no longer making everyone happy.

Enter the AI Text Detectors

AI plagiarism checkers have been hard at work since 1987 exposing copied content on the internet. Now, with ChatGPT and others like it producing content almost instantly at a ridiculously low price, people who want content created by humans are seeking proof that the writing they are buying wasn’t produced by a robot.

AI Text Detectors
ZeroGPT AI Text Detection

These days, most AI checkers do basically the same thing. They search out AI-generated content and plagiarized text using algorithms so they can guarantee to users that the content they produce is in fact genuine and original.

If you are looking for alternatives to track down gpt-generated content, Originality.AI, Turnitin (a tool used by most educators), and GPTZero are good places to start for those looking to bypass AI detection of AI chatbot programs.

Review of ZeroGPT

There are many AI-generated text detectors out there. Which one is the best? Let’s take a look at ZeroGPT and see what it has to offer.

Amazingly accurate

This helpful tool claims it can determine whether a piece of writing was created by an AI writing tool like ChatGPT or whether it was generated by a human. ZeroGPT will also tell you whether a text was produced by a human and a robot working together.

ZeroGPT guarantees that in terms of detecting AI-written content, its tool is over 98% accurate. This exceptionally high degree of accuracy is based on a comparative analysis of more than 10 million texts, some produced by humans and some created by robots.

Texts you submit to ZeroGPT are subjected to DeepAnalyse™ ai technology using the tool’s complex algorithms to pinpoint the true origin of any piece of writing.

The software was developed by the ZeroGPT team, and the accuracy claims are backed by in-house testing and published papers in reputable journals. The 98% accuracy rate is expected to approach 99% as more texts are analyzed. The ZeroGPT team expects to achieve an error rate of under 1%.

Tools that make life easier

ZeroGPT comes with helpful features including a readability score and an in-depth analysis of the text.

Additional tools include SendBig, a large file transfer, and Unreal Person, a tool that can tell the difference between AI-generated persons and real people. There’s a tool called WaterOutPhone to help users correct phone issues and a blog written by a robot. This software is nothing if not versatile.

ZeroGPT is available in a free version as well as professional versions that come with even more bells and whistles.

Ease of use

Websites that are difficult to use are likely to send potential customers screaming back to Google’s search results never to return. Excessive bells and whistles can be fun at first, but they can easily become annoying when using them doesn’t help you find what you need.

The ZeroGPT website is straightforward, intuitive and easy as pie to navigate. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out yourself and make your own decision.

Enter a block of text in the text box, and hit the “Detect Text” button. The tool is on the ZeroGPT website, so you can try it out whenever you wish for free. Try testing a few paragraphs of original text that you wrote yourself, and then test some AI-generated writing. That will give you a fair sample of the tool’s accuracy and capability.

The test is completed instantly, and the information you need is presented in a format that rates the text as somewhere between “most likely AI/GPT” and “most likely human.” There’s a graphic that shows the percentage of robot text versus human text. The tool works in all languages.

Text readability score

This cutting-edge tool helps you to simplify sentence formation. It helps to make your content understandable to users at all educational levels and from all walks of life. Good sentence formation equals high readability.

On the other hand, long sentences with complicated construction will lower you readability index and make it harder for readers to understand what you are saying.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ZeroGPT


  • Accuracy over 98% (accurate results)
  • Detects AI writing in all languages and other AI models
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Tools are easy to use (user-friendly interface)
  • The sentence-to-sentence analysis tool highlights detected AI content so you can humanize it
  • A powerful summarizer and paraphrase
  • Built-in API integration
  • Texts and results are kept private and shared with no one
  • New readability tool helps you keep your message crisp and clear


  • Almost 2% potential for false positives or false negatives since ZeroGPT accuracy is 98% instead of 100%
  • Can’t print results

ZeroGPT Pricing and API Business Plans:

User Subscriptions

PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceSavingsFeatures
FREE$0$0 / yearN/A– 15,000 Characters per AI detection
– 5 Batch files check
– History of detections
– 1,500 Words in AI Summarizer
– 300 Words in AI Paraphraser
– 1,000 Words in AI Grammar & Spell Check
– 1,000 Prompts in ZeroCHAT-4
PRO$7.99 / $9.99$95.883 months free (27% saving)– Pro Experience without ads
– 100,000 Characters per AI detection
– 50 Batch files check
– History of detections
– 1,500 Words in AI Summarizer
– 300 Words in AI Paraphraser
– 1,000 Words in AI Grammar & Spell Check
– 2,000 Prompts in ZeroCHAT-4
MAX$18.99 / $26.99$227.883 months free (27% saving)– Pro Experience without ads
– 100,000 Characters per AI detection
– 75 Batch files check
– History of detections
– 7,000 Words in AI Summarizer
– 3,000 Words in AI Paraphraser
– 10,000 Words in AI Grammar & Spell Check
– 3,500 Prompts in ZeroCHAT-5

API Business Plans

PlanPrice per 1000 WordsFeatures
Beginner$0.034– 50,000 Characters per detection
– 40 Batch files
– History of detections
– Unlimited Integrations
Pro$0.049– 150,000 Characters per detection
– 75 Batch files
– History of detections
– Unlimited Integrations
VIP$0.069– 500,000 Characters per detection
– 150 Batch files
– History of detections
– Unlimited Integrations

Key functionalities of ZeroGPT include the ability to detect AI-generated text at the document, paragraph, and sentence level, get probabilities and detailed statistics, and run batched inference over several files.

Cross-model capability

ZeroGPT detects AI writing generated by GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT-3 and GPT-2. It also detects AI content created by Jasper, Copy, Claude, LLaMA, Google Bard and other AI services based on these models.

Depending on their degree of accuracy, other AI detection software can tell you whether your text includes AI writing. But they don’t tell you how to fix that. Part of what ZeroGPT does is to help you turn AI text into humanoid text.

Online reviews of ZeroGPT range from glowing with praise to passionate disapproval. Be that as it may, ZeroGPT was rated the third-best AI content detector of 2024 by Elegant Themes, an online internet support service.

The ultimate questions to ask yourself while choosing an AI detector like ZeroGPT is whether the services it provides are right for you. Will these tools help you grow your business? Are they easy to use? Is the software affordable?

Try out the additional ZeroGPT features like the readability scale and the sentence simplification tool. Look at what the competition has to offer. Everyone is currently claiming to be the best and most accurate. You might want to focus on who offers the best deal on the best products for the best price.


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Published on: 2024-02-17
Updated on: 2024-02-23

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