What does Nginx 444 status code mean?

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The 444 status code in Nginx is a non-standard HTTP status code that signifies “No Response.” Here’s what it means and how it’s commonly used:

  1. No Response: When Nginx returns a 444 status code, it does not provide any content in the response. Furthermore, it immediately closes the connection.
  2. Usage: This status code is often used in scenarios where Nginx administrators want to deny certain requests, especially potentially malicious ones, without giving away any information. For example, if a specific pattern of attack or unwanted bot behavior is detected, the server might be configured to simply close the connection with a 444 status to conserve resources and not provide any information to the potentially malicious client.
  3. Configuration: In the Nginx configuration, this might be used in conjunction with certain conditions. For instance, to deny requests to a particular location or requests that don’t have a required header.

It’s worth noting that since 444 is a non-standard status code, general web clients and browsers won’t have a pre-defined way to handle or display this response. They would simply see it as a connection that was closed without any response.


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Published on: 2023-09-28
Updated on: 2024-01-02

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