What is 449 Retry With: Resolving HTTP Status Code Issues

HTTP status code 449 Retry With is a proprietary response utilized by Microsoft services to indicate that a client’s request cannot be processed due to insufficient information. When a server emits the 449 status code, it is essentially instructing the client to resubmit the request with the missing information. This status code is not part of the standard set of HTTP status codes defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), but it has found specific use in scenarios where the initial communication between client and server could benefit from additional data.

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To resolve a 449 Retry With error, a client must carefully examine the requirements specified by the server, which could be detailed in the server’s response or documentation. Upon understanding what additional information or action is required, it is the client’s responsibility to provide the necessary details in the subsequent request to the server. The proper handling of this error requires a clear understanding of the server’s expectations and the context in which the error occurred. This interaction underscores the importance of clear communication between the client and the server in the HTTP protocol.

Understanding the 449 Retry With Status Code

The 449 Retry With status code is a unique HTTP response that signifies additional action must be taken by the client to complete the request. This section demystifies the status code’s purpose and its proper handling according to web protocols.

Definition and Origin

449 Retry With is an HTTP status code that represents a Microsoft extension to the standard set of HTTP status codes. It is not defined in RFC2616, the standard that outlines HTTP/1.1. The 449 status code is used to indicate that a request should be retried after performing an action to include more information. The creation of this status code is attributed to Microsoft, signifying that it falls outside the standard HTTP status codes acknowledged by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Understanding HTTP Status Code Categories

HTTP status codes are divided into five categories based on the first digit of the code:

  1. 1xx: Informational – Request received, continuing process.
  2. 2xx: Success – The action was successfully received, understood, and accepted.
  3. 3xx: Redirection – Further action must be taken in order to complete the request.
  4. 4xx: Client Error – The request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.
  5. 5xx: Server Error – The server failed to fulfill an apparent valid request.

The 449 Retry With status code falls into the 4xx category, specifically indicating a client error where additional information is required. Because it’s a Microsoft extension, it’s best understood within the context of Microsoft’s services and its proprietary systems that utilize it.

Troubleshooting 449 Retry With Issues

The HTTP 449 Retry With status code indicates that the server requires additional information from the client to proceed with the request. This section outlines how to identify common causes, implement solutions, and know when to seek further help.

Common Causes

  • Insufficient Information: The client may have omitted necessary data in the original request.
  • Headers Missing: Key headers that communicate specific requirements might be absent.
  • Authentication Credentials: The server may need valid authentication credentials which were not provided.
  • Security Updates: Recent security updates on the server might necessitate additional client data.

Step-by-Step Solutions

  1. Review the Request: Verify that all required information is included in the request body and URL.
  2. Check Headers: Ensure that all necessary headers are present and correctly formatted.
  3. Authentication Update: Confirm that the user has supplied current and valid authentication credentials.
  4. Server Guidelines: Look for any server-specific guidelines indicating required information for retrying the request.
  5. Resend with Additional Data: Once the missing data is included, the client should retry sending the request to the server.

When to Contact Support

  • If after multiple attempts, the error persists, it may be time to contact technical support.
  • For issues related to IIS (Internet Information Services) or if there is unclear guidance on the required information, reaching out to technical support is advisable.
  • Should the response body lack clarity on what additional information is needed, or if security concerns arise, professional assistance should be sought.

Published on: 2024-01-02
Updated on: 2024-01-02

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