What is a 204 status code?

A 204 status code is an HTTP response status code indicating that a request was successful, but there’s no representation to return (i.e., no content to send in the response body). It’s typically used in situations where the server has fulfilled the request, and there is no additional information to send back.

204 status code

The official description for a 204 status code is “No Content.” Here’s a breakdown of its meaning:

  • Successful Request: The server successfully processed the client’s request.
  • No Content: The server has not returned any content. This is expected behavior and not an error.
  • No Change in Current Page: Unlike the 200 status code, which might cause a browser to update the current page with the returned content, a 204 response is explicitly instructing the browser that it should stay on the current page and not alter its display.

A common use case for the 204 status code is for AJAX calls where a server successfully processed a client’s request (like a form submission), but there’s no need to send any data back to the client.


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Published on: 2023-08-11
Updated on: 2024-01-02

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