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Many content creators and site managers are concerned about their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and rightfully so. A low-ranking SERP will result in low site traffic and a poor sense of authority and trust. The MobileMoxie SERPerator facilitates the selection of keywords by allowing content creators to check Google’s keyword rankings and test local SEO campaigns.

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How MobileMoxie SERPerator Works for Local SEO

Use the MobileMoxie SERPerator to get SERPs for any valid address. All you need to do is enter the city, state, or postal code. The MobileMoxie SERPerator provides more geo-specificity and works for mobile and desktop searches. The free version allows you to get some information, but paid members can view two ten-mile radii from the address they enter. This makes it easy to see how much a site’s SERP changes on Google as the people performing searches move about the area. Paid memberships also allow uploading a spreadsheet in .csv format with addresses or coordinates. Members can then test those SERPs daily, weekly, or monthly and archive the results. This provides helpful information about a site’s performance over time.

Review Traffic Anomalies

Google doesn’t always announce when it’s changing its algorithms. This results in many site owners experiencing a sense of shock when their site’s rank falls from the first page to the tenth overnight. If you need to delve into an anomaly in your traffic level, the MobileMoxie SERPerator allows you to revisit a specific period. You can see what the accurate SERPs look like on any given day.

Supports IOS and Android Devices

The MobileMoxie SERPerator works on Android and IOS devices. Many SERP tools only work on one or the other. Although iPhones are popular, not everyone owns one. You’ll want to know what Android and iPhone users are doing with their searches, and the MobileMoxie SERPerator makes this easy to determine. You might be surprised to learn that phones with bigger screens get different results from an organic search than smaller phones. Results also change for queries oriented toward different apps and search intents. The operating system and device also matter for search results. You can simultaneously simulate searches on two or more devices as the MobileMoxie SERPerator. The MobileMoxie SERPerator supports 35 models of smartphones.

Find Out How Your Site Ranks Abroad

The internet doesn’t necessarily respect international boundaries. If you’ve ever wondered how your broad ranks in another country, the MobileMoxie SERPerator will tell you. The free mobile checker offers an overview. As a paid subscriber, you gain access to screen captures of SERPs from all over the world. You can monitor which keywords are used where, when and on which operating system.

Mobile-First Indexing

The MobileMoxie SERPerator enables mobile-first indexing. This allows you to track additions to your mobile site. You can also look at your site with and without JavaScript to troubleshoot problems and optimize settings.

Improve Your App’s Ranking

About 40% of app searches are done in Google Play. With MobileMoxie SERPerator, you can track the ranking of your website or app in all of the app stores for all devices. You might want to track when your app’s ranking drops in one of the stores or how it performs compared to competitors in your market niche.

With the MobileMoxie SERPerator, you can track your SERP on any device anywhere in the world. You get both real-time and historical information.


If you need help with SERP tracking and analytics, SEO North looks forward to answering your questions and supporting you in achieving a great ranking for your website.


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Published on: 2022-07-24
Updated on: 2024-05-07

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