Understanding Calls from Google Assistant

Phone Calls from Google

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The reason for the call and the fact that it is from Google will be announced at the beginning of the call. These calls may come from an automated system or, in some instances, a human operator.

Google Assistant’s appointment booking and restaurant wait time checking features are only available in the United States and will call from +1-650-203-0000.

Google might also call or text to verify your business information, such as temporary closures or limited services due to COVID-19, to ensure accurate representation on Google Search and Maps. Calls or texts from the following numbers are from Google:

  • Argentina: +541152468650
  • Australia: +61-2-9160-9443 
  • Brazil:
    • 600018
    • +55 1138788565
  • Canada: +1-780-851-3579
  • Chile: +56223930690
  • Colombia: +576017945853
  • France: +33 185169412
  • Germany: +491771783584
  • India: +91 4067412333, 56161187
  • Japan:  +81-345670700 
  • Mexico: +52 5550912025
  • New Zealand: +64-9-884-7777
  • Peru: +5117304933
  • Spain: +34-93-003-9974
  • United Kingdom: +44-207-660-1362
  • United States: +1-650-206-5555, +1-650-763-0461, +1-844-899-8101
  • Venezuela: +582127719755

Find out more about identifying legitimate calls from Google.

Customers who discover your business through Google Search, Maps, or Assistant can request an Assistant to call your business on their behalf for tasks such as booking appointments or checking restaurant wait times. The assistant will confirm any required details with the customer and contact your business to fulfill the customer’s needs.

To ensure accuracy, Google may occasionally call businesses to verify information, such as operating hours.

These calls can be:

  • Automated
  • Automated and monitored by a live person
  • Made by a live operator


  • I’m getting calls from “Google Maps” at 650-206-5555, asking about clients’ hours, are they legit?

Published on: 2023-04-21
Updated on: 2023-04-21

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