SEO Services in Thunder Bay that converts more leads into sales.

Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of building your business. And with so many services available, SEO North is the best Agency to start with!

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How we get results

Our process is easy to explain, but complex to implement. We check that your pages are crawlable, indexable, and ranking competitively:



Crawlability concerns a URL’s ability to be discovered by search engine bots. Just because you can see a page, doesn't mean Google's bots have found it.


Not every page is Indexed in Google. Even when a URL has been crawled, various properties can prevent it from being added to the index.


Where do you rank in comparison to your competition? It's important to optimize pages stuck on page 2, or have high views but low clicks.

Our Services

What sets us apart.

High-Quality Content

Quality content will ensure readers return to your website, and Google's sees it as an authority. High-quality doesn't only mean in writers skills, but also in AI content analysis.

Content Pruning

Dead-content (no organic visitors does nothing for your website except lower your quality score. The key is to remove harmful content without accidentally removing healthy pages.

Smart Internal Links

After Google released the Penguin Algorithm, it greatly affected how links performed on your website, either for the good, or bad. It's important you have the proper strategy to implement them.

Pain-Point SEO

People do not visit your website for the fun of it. They are looking for answers or solutions. The best SEOs discover and add content based on those pain-points and increases traffic.

Lead Tracking

Surprising enough, agencies and freelancers are really bad at proper lead tracking analytics. That is where SEO North shines in the face of the competition. We offer accurate stats that you care about the most.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once you start getting leads on your website, its time to optimize and get more of them. This will help your business flourish and stay successful.

About SEO North

SEO North is an SEO agency in Ottawa Ontario Canada that focuses solely on Search Engine Optimization. You wouldn't hire a plumber to install a roof, so don't hire a web design agency or PPC specialist to optimize your website for search engines.

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Why are we the best?

Here are some of the advanced SEO Tools we employ to get your website to rank higher in the SERPs.

SERP Analysis

SERP Analysis

SERP Analysis is the process of exploring search engine results pages in order to discover what top ranking websites are doing.

Semantic Clustering

Semantic Clustering

Semantic clustering is a SEO tool that will help you organize the content, diversify your language, and rank for more terms.

Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs

A knowledge graph represents a network of real-world entities and illustrates the relationship between them.

SEO Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is the largest city in Northwestern Ontario and an economic driver for a huge region of the province.

Overlooked by the iconic Sleeping Giant, the city and surrounding area is home to a significant population of both people and businesses. As a business owner, the competition is stiff.

For your T-Bay business to thrive and grow, you need to attract new customers. The good news is we’re here to help!

At SEO North, we specialize in helping business owners throughout Ontario reel in new customers using one of today’s most powerful and necessary business growing strategies – SEO.

If you want to attract new customers throughout the greater Thunder Bay area and compete in today’s business landscape, you need great SEO. You need SEO North.

Awaken Your Sleeping Giant

Short for search engine optimization, SEO is a must for any business hoping to not only compete but succeed in Thunder Bay. You see, 99 percent of Thunder Bay residents find, schedule services, and order from area businesses online. SEO Thunder Bay is how you capture your share of these potential customers.

The question is: How big would you like your share to be? Over 90 percent of people never make it past the first few search results when searching for something online. If you’re not at the top of the search results, you’re not getting your fair share.

At SEO North, we want your business to be well fed. We want to help you receive the lion’s share of search traffic and dominate the Thunder Bay market. In other words, we want to awaken your sleeping giant.

SEO Thunder Bay the SEO North Way

We eat, breathe, and sleep SEO. It’s what we do day in and day out for one reason – we love it. We understand the power of ranking at the top of the search engines and the local Google search results, so it drives us to learn and outperform every single day.

With a strong pulse on the SEO world and the latest best practices, our SEO experts know all of the latest tips and tricks for achieving quick results. However, we believe in sustainability and helping our Thunder Bay clients take over their markets, not just make a splash.

That’s why we follow the three pillars of SEO:

  • Technical SEO – We analyze and optimize the technical factors impacting a website’s rankings.
  • On-Page SEO – We optimize the visible page elements affecting a web page’s rankings.
  • Off-Page SEO – We gain quality backlinks and optimize off-page elements to increase rankings and exposure.

Why Hire SEO North as Your Thunder Bay SEO Agency?

When you work with us, you’ll receive a big boost in your SEO rankings. That’s guaranteed. However, we’ll also help grow your business organically and build the brand authority you need to compete and thrive in Thunder Bay both now and for the long term.

In a nutshell, here is what we can do for your Thunder Bay business:

Outrank Your Competition

Are you losing business to your Thunder Bay competitors? How would you like to get that business back, and then some? At SEO North, we focus on ranking at the top of the local SERPs for relevant, high-volume keywords, resulting in an overflow of traffic for our clients.

Build Brand Authority

Improved content along with improved rankings and exposure leads to increased sales, credibility, and brand authority.

Better Return on Investment

Paid advertising can be ineffective and costly. When done right, SEO is a solid investment that will pay dividends weeks, months, and even years down the road.

Sound good? Let’s discuss your website or project. Contact us and speak with an expert today!


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Published on: 2022-05-01
Updated on: 2022-05-04