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If you’re running a WordPress website, then you know how important it is to have flawless SEO. After all, what good is a website if no one can find it? That’s where our team of WordPress SEO experts comes in. We offer comprehensive SEO services that are designed to help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We’ll conduct an in-depth audit of your website, identify any and all areas that need improvement, and then craft a tailor-made SEO strategy to help your website reach the top of the SERPs. And because we’re based in Ottawa, Canada, we deeply understand the Canadian market and what it takes to rank highly in Canadian search engines.

So if you’re looking for WordPress SEO services that will take your website to the next level, then contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free quote.

seo basics

We Focus on Core Web Vitals; You’ll Rank Higher Than Ever on Google.

Every time we develop for a customer, we use the following rubric to guide our decisions. In this way, our design philosophy emphasizes some of the most prominent factors.

For search engines, these factors remain among the most important as they rank results. Since most traffic flows through search engines, these design changes are revolutionary.

With them, you’ll be thrown to the top of everyone’s search results. Thus, once someone hits the search button, you’ll be the first thing they see. How do you think they will react?

Historically, people tend to click what appears at the top of the page.

Core Web Vitals:

Thanks to Google, we can access these metrics with ease then; as we upgrade your website, these guide the design process. Overall, these metrics measure how people interact with your website. Below, we have created a list of the most significant factors. Depending on how these perform, people’s opinions will be molded. As their performances improve, so will the corresponding views.

Most Significant Core Web Vitals

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

There is a delay between that click and when the page loads whenever someone clicks on your link. We can refer to that period with this term. By measuring it, you’ll see how responsive things on your webpage are for customers. The more responsive things get, the better customers tend to enjoy them.

First Input Delay (FID)

Once the webpage is loaded, you can click on something. At that point, there is another delay, and this time It’s between when you click on the item and when the item responds. For the most part, as that length of time elongates, customer perception deteriorates. To garner the most significant response, you’ll want it to be as small as possible.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Additionally, while the webpage loads, things may shift around. If we measured how much things moved, we would refer to that measurement using this term. Luckily, with the right approach, you can ensure a stable loading environment. For customers, such web pages are much more engaging. By the way, if you can get them engaged, you can earn their business.

Instead of Using Page Builders, We Do Things by Hand

With our competitors, you may receive a webpage. However, it will have been built by one of these algorithms. Unfortunately, although they look decent on the surface, they tend to perform inadequately. As a result, you’ll feel disappointed once you have been using it for a while.

SEO Strategy

By working with us, every webpage will have been designed by hand. That way, you can trust the results. Since they are a product of hand labor, They tend to perform much more consistently. If that sounds appealing, then we are happy to tell you more. Thanks to the following factors, we will consistently outperform those who compete with us.

Why You Should Work With Us

Years of Experience:

Unless you are gifted, the time spent in an industry typically tells you a lot about a person’s expertise. If they have been working longer, then they produce better work. In our case, we’ve been at this for years. Once you see how we perform, it’ll be easy to take our word.

Individualized Help:

With a corporation, you’ll struggle to work with the same person more than once. However, with us, you’ve got an individualized consultant. Regardless of how long we work together, you’ll always be working with the same person. Over time, we tend to appreciate each of our client’s tastes, and thus, we can provide an even more customized experience.

Up-to-date Training:

As with most things, technology changes continually. By the time you are competent at one thing, something else will have developed. At that point, it’s essential to make a realization. Without a commitment to continual education, falling behind is inevitable. For that reason, we are always competing at the cutting edge. Otherwise, how could we provide the best results for you?

To Improve LCP, We Implement the Following

After someone visits your page, how do they feel once they leave? Depending on the performance, their opinion could vary quite dramatically. In some instances, they may leave a glowing review. Still, on other occasions, things seem to be the exact opposite. When you work with us, we optimize for everything.

By creating a webpage that loads faster, people will experience fewer frustrations. Consequently, they can focus on things of importance. Such matters tend to leave a better taste in the mouth of those who visit. From our perspective, it does not seem as if something would improve things anymore. Therefore, our focus remains true.

Augmenting Your First Input Delay Also Boosts Your Results

Hopefully, once your website is up, things will be responsive. If they are not, then people will not stick around. Think about the last time you visited a sluggish webpage. How long were you willing to wait for something to respond before leaving?

If you were honest, you probably did not wait much longer than a few minutes. Within mere moments, you noticed the delay. By the time a minute elapsed, you would have been furious. Luckily, since you enlisted our help, nothing like that will ever happen.

By creating responsive web pages, everyone will have a fantastic experience. As soon they tap on anything, it will react exactly as expected.

That way, it’s easy for them to engage with interactive elements. On the Internet, those things tend to dominate. By making them easier to work with, everyone benefits.

By Implementing Efficient Code, Your Cumulative Layout Shift Will Be Better Than Ever

How often do things move around as your website loads? You have a significant cumulative layout shift if it happens a lot. Typically, under most circumstances, you’ll want to minimize that. If you create something shaky, people will find it aversive.

Things shouldn’t move around a ton to keep them on the page. Otherwise, it’s much more difficult for people to focus on such things. Under most circumstances, it will be next to impossible for them. Thus, it’s unsurprising to see them leaving in droves.

Fortunately, our techniques avoid such catastrophes. By designing things proactively, you’ll always be happy with the result.

Building a Better Website for Your Business in Ottawa, Canada

Seldomly you’ll come across something genuinely innovative. However, by this point, we hope that our point is proven. For the following reasons, we promise to fulfill your every expectation. Compared to other industry players, our commitment is unparalleled.

Committed to Our Customers

Since we are a smaller company, each customer matters much more to us. Without you, none of the things we do would be possible. Therefore, your business is just as crucial for us as we are to your website’s development. From our point of view, that seems like a pretty symbiotic relationship.

Always, Following Through on Our Promises

With such a commitment to our customers, feedback is a source of pride. Thanks to our undying loyalty, we’ve got years of such records. If there are any remaining doubts, check out a few of them. Most of the time, those are more than enough to extinguish anything lingering in your mind.

When Presented With a Challenge, We Always Rise to the Occasion

Not to mention, we adore obstacles. When we encounter them, it’s just another step on our journey. Once we overcome such impediments, we are even better at our craft than previously.

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  • Why are Core Web Vitals important for SEO?

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