Problems with Adding Structured Data Markups

While it is easy to implement structured data markup on your pages, there are some common mistakes that you will want to avoid. 

Reviews Need to Appear on Page

If you choose the review markup, the reviews need to appear on your page. Not doing so will get you a manual warning from Google, and your markup data will be ignored. 

Applying Site-wide

You must apply structured data markups to each page individually. If you choose to do only top-level categories, then you must average reviews across all your products in that category. 

Miscoding Elements

It is easy to miscode elements when doing structured data markup that is similar. For example, date published and date modified. Make sure that you choose the right information for each tag. 

Reap the benefits of structured data markups today by implementing them on each page of your website. Be sure to use the test afterward to make sure you have not made any mistakes. If you need help, then contact us.

Published on: 2021-02-12
Updated on: 2021-02-12

Isaac Adams-Hands

Isaac Adams-Hands is an SEO Director, Full Stack Developer, and InfoSec enthusiast. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Sydney before joining various marketing positions in search portals, higher education, and addiction recovery marketing agencies.