If you’re new to SEO, you can easily get confused by the jargon and implementation strategies. There are so many details, and learning them on your own can be daunting and take you in circles. The HIIT SEO Training Program aims to simplify the process so that you gain a comprehensive knowledge of SEO in 10 weeks. Moreover, the course is designed in a way that walks you through hands-on practice. You get to use everything that you learn in a practical, real-life environment immediately so that you don’t leave the course with questions about how to apply your new skills.

This HIIT SEO review goes over the unique features of this course, including the potential benefits and downsides.

What Is the HIIT SEO Training Program?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Incentivised Training, and the HIIT SEO Training Program is an online course that teaches search engine optimization. The course consists of modules that are offered as weekly masterclasses with Sanjay Shenoy, the program’s creator.

Each module includes an assignment, which you’ll complete on your own website. You get cashback for every assignment that you complete successfully. This format rewards you for your accomplishments and encourages you to stay the course.

More than 85 % of the students who take the course complete all the assignments, which means that they get enough cash back to cover the full fee. This is a unique way to motivate you. Ultimately, the rewards are in your hands. The more you apply what you learn, the more benefits you get.

Who Is the HIIT SEO Course For?

If you’re reading this HIIT SEO review as a beginner, you should keep reading. It’s ideal for people who are just starting out with brand marketing or want to enhance their SEO marketing efforts for an existing company.

You’ll need a website so that you can apply each module’s teachings to your company. However, don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. The orientation session walks you through the process of buying a domain and setting up and optimizing a blog.

You can also use this program if you have an existing website on any platform. However, you might have to adapt some of the instructions for your particular content management system.

If you’re the type of person who pays for courses that you never finish, you might prefer the format of the HIIT SEO Training Program. You’re incentivized to complete the assignments within a specific time frame.

This prevents you from letting it pile up and become an overwhelming task that you’ll never complete, and every project has a purpose. They enhance the working SEO on your website, which will help it rank in organic search even as you’re working on the training.

If you complete the course, you’ll receive a certification and be prepared to apply for or pitch SEO jobs. Therefore, the program is ideal for someone who wants to work in the SEO field. You can also use your new skills to create a portfolio of websites that earn you money directly.

How Does the HIIT SEO Training Program Work?

The HIIT SEO course is delivered in the form of 10 weekly training sessions. You’ll access these and the other program materials through the HIIT SEO learning management software.

Shenoy leads these 2-hour sessions live on a specific day and time, giving you the chance to interact with him and ask questions. If you can’t make the live trainings, you’ll have access to a recording within 24 hours. You can still reach out to Shenoy or the other members of the program with inquiries.

During the training session, you’ll receive instructions on completing the assignment. You’ll have seven days to finish and submit it to be eligible for cashback.

Students are eligible for one extension in the case of an emergency that prevents them from submitting the assignment on time. Taking the extension causes you to lose out on the cashback for that module. However, the assignment will be marked as complete, and you need to finish at least eight assignments to receive a certification.

Within three to four days of each weekly live session, there is a live Q&A webinar with a team member. This gives you a chance to address any challenges that have come up during the implementation of each module.

Weekly Module Breakdown

The weekly curriculum is delivered in a way that expands on your skills with each session and includes the following modules:

  • Week 0 – Orientation – This session helps you identify your niche and set up a WordPress blog.
  • Week 1 – SEO basics – You’ll learn how SEO works and why it’s important. Your assignment is to set up your Google Search Console, Alerts and Analytics.
  • Week 2 – Keyword research – Demystify keyword research strategies and practice finding the right keywords for your copy.
  • Week 3 – On-page SEO – Learn how to optimize the format and metatags on each web page using the RankMath plugin.
  • Week 4 – Technical SEO part I – Find out how to optimize your website so that search engines can effectively crawl and index them to improve rankings.
  • Week 5 – Technical SEO part II – Continue to enhance the security and speed of your website, learning about technical jargon in layman’s terms so that you understand how this aspect of SEO functions.
  • Week 6 – Off-page SEO part I – Learn how to do competitive analysis and implement backlinks.
  • Week 7 – Off-page SEO part II – Take your knowledge of backlinks deeper by learning four effective strategies.
  • Week 8 – Local SEO – Find out more about optimizing and creating citations for your Google My Business profile.
  • Week 9 – YouTube SEO – Focus on your video strategy by learning how to make and optimize YouTube content.
  • Week 10 – Site audit, SEO strategy, and proposal – Learn about getting a job and project management as an SEO strategist. The assignment involves performing an SEO site audit, developing an SEO strategy, solidifying your pricing, and customizing the provided SEO proposal template.

HIIT SEO Features and Bonuses

The HIIT SEO program seems to be well-rounded. It offers the following features and perks:

  • Community support – You’ll get access to an active Whatsapp group to discuss challenges and insights with other students.
  • Job readiness – The course walks you through optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile, preparing for an SEO interview and negotiating an appropriate salary.
  • Certification
  • Expert assistance – You’ll get guidance and support from the team every step of the way so that you can overcome hurdles and move forward.
  • Premium plugins – Students get access to the premium WordPress plugins RankMath Pro and WP Rocket as well as the Astra premium WordPress theme.
  • WPX Hosting – You’ll be able to host your website for free for three months, giving you time to work through the modules and execute what you learn.
  • Pre-Recorded Courses – Expand on your skills and knowledge with the Ultimate SEO Playbook Course and Content Marketing Mastery Course.
  • Course completion certificate – If you complete eight assignments, you’ll earn a blockchain-verified certificate.

Pricing and Cash Back

The website doesn’t mention a price. To get more information, you have to sign up for a demo, which also gives the company permission to send you correspondence via email and WhatsApp.

However, some HIIT SEO reviews online reveal that the pricing is around $340. If all of your assignments are approved, the cashback amount seems to be equal to the total price of the program. If this is true, then the program is free as long as you are diligent about completing your assignments.

The HIIT SEO website is transparent about the fact that you will also have to pay to purchase a domain name. You’ll get a three-month hosting trial as well, but if you want to keep a hosting plan after that period, you’ll have to pay for one.

Pros and Cons of the HIIT SEO Training Program

There are so many SEO training courses on the market that it’s daunting to choose the perfect one for your needs. This one is worth a try if you’re committed to keeping up with the assignments because you’ll recoup your investment. But there aren’t many perfect programs, and this one could have some flaws. We’ll sum up this HIIT SEO review with a list of the reasons why we might or might not recommend this course.


  • Cashback program makes the training free if you complete all assignments on time
  • Can apply your skill to many potential employee, freelance and entrepreneurial roles
  • Upskill your career
  • You don’t have to have any SEO experience to benefit from the course
  • Helps to fill gaps in your existing SEO knowledge
  • Only takes two to three hours of dedication every week


  • Overseas market offers no North American reps
  • Not the best program for you if you can’t manage your time well
  • It may be too basic for someone who wants to upgrade their intermediate or advanced SEO knowledge and skills
  • Not many objective reviews online

A search for the HIIT SEO Training Program doesn’t pull up any indication that this is an illegitimate program or a scam. In fact, the training program sounds excellent for people who want to delve into an SEO career from scratch. However, you might want to wait until there are more third-party testimonials before investing in this course.

If you want to start a career in SEO, this course might benefit you. But if you simply want to improve your existing SEO, you don’t have to sift through the confusing technology on your own. Contact SEO North to outsource your SEO strategy so that you can focus on your passions.


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Published on: 2022-05-12
Updated on: 2023-03-14

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