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Brand Awareness

Small businesses continue to face a challenging battle when creating and building brand awareness. The continuous changes of technology have a substantial impact on modern business. Many activities and strategies that used to be exclusively for big corporations only having big budgets are now used for small businesses. They can now access things like manufacturing methods that are affordable and at lower productions scales. They can also access top talents around the world through freelancing. Influencer marketing, podcasting, and local SEO are all inexpensive but need powerful strategies in marketing that can help.

Online marketing gives opportunities for small businesses. It gives them access to different promotional tools and various strategies. If you are an entrepreneur struggling with brand awareness, this article will help you with some strategies to build up the buzz for your business.


Audio content marketing has been a big help for many years ago. Promoting your business through radio ads has given companies access and reach vast audiences at an affordable price. One way to engage with a big audience especially reaching out to those people in remote areas is to promote a product audibly, which has proven effective. Customers with limited internet data can download audio files easier than streaming or downloading full videos. Consumers can listen to it any time of the day and anywhere he wants.

Some smaller businesses can not afford regular radio ads spots; the best option is to still cash in on the audio content power via podcasts. Compared to the traditional audio commercials that can be costly, like radio ads, the advantage of branded podcasts is it offers a high return on investment and complete creative control. According to a recent study, listeners stick around for almost 70% of each branded podcast for a half-hour, and it’s a significant investment knowing how consumers click quickly on videos and articles these days online. Audio content like podcasts holds value on its own as it continues to reside on the internet long after it was being aired. It allows each episode to influence some buyers far into the future.


The evolvement of the internet and the rise of different social media opened up another broad category in marketing. Companies can invest thousands and millions of dollars in PPC or pay-per-click ads into any social media platform to promote their products or services. Businesses having small budgets can tap into less expensive but powerful brand awareness form through influencers. Influencers can provide ideal business opportunities because they can:

  • Create a sense of trust between your brand and the consumers.
  • Reach out to highly specified buyers having the same shared interests.
  • Operate as a middleman who can be trusted between its demographic target and the company.
  • Be tailored to fit in any size of budgets like micro-influencers, use celebrities, and nano-influencers.

Influencers are not just channels in social media in reaching consumers. By creating a strategy that will work with different influencers, you can build a positive connection and association between your target customers and your brand. This can help in making more brand awareness.


SEO or search engine optimization has been a buzzword nowadays, especially if you are a company that wants to be on top when someone searches online. SEO is one of the generic solutions in building brand awareness. The ability to drive organic traffic like in an e-commerce site and rank for keywords online is old-hat marketing tactics this time. Local SEO is one area of SEO that usually gets overlooked. By following the best practices of local SEO, local businesses can improve the organic traffic on their website from customers nearby. Some small companies have competition for a larger or global audience.

In most cases, new enterprises tend to operate in local or regional markets. If this is the case, they can cash in on SEO as it is an easy way to have more organic search traffic. Many people these days search the local store’s site online before they visit the store. If you dominate listing on your local search engine, you can have more attention from the segment of consumers.

Brand awareness is a crucial part of building the products or services offered by your business. With a limited budget and a crowded marketplace with different competitors, it is vital to utilize and use effective and affordable marketing opportunities online. Things like influencer marketing, podcasting, and local SEO are easy things a business can access.

Published on: 2021-12-17
Updated on: 2022-01-05

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