Link Building with SEO: Why it’s still seen as Black-Hat


If you have heard of the term “link building,” then you may have heard of Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. This is the thought behind Link Building. It’s all about creating links on other web pages that will redirect customers to your website, and hopefully, those customers will purchase from you. The more links there are and the higher your chances are of your website showing up in a Google Search.

The idea behind this is not challenging for anyone to understand. Even people who don’t know how to use SEO to their advantage understand its concept. So why is Link Building loved and hated by so many people? The answer to that question is a history that is not squeaky clean. Google promotes web pages based on PageRank; PageRank ranks websites with the most backlinks. Which websites ended up ranking higher was based on other factors, but backlinks are still the determining factor.

Business owners who wanted to grow their ranking started building as many backlinks as possible. People who relied on link building as a career were looked at as making the internet less enjoyable for everyone who relied on search engines to find what they were looking for.

Google algorithms today won’t just focus on the number of backlinks available for a particular website but check the quality of these links. People who create backlinks without caring about the quality could work against those relying on these links. So now Google only promotes a website that has good quality backlinks.

black hat link building
Black Hat Link Building

Even with this change to Google’s system, some people will still try to raise the ranking of their website through bogus backlinks. Specific techniques violate the rules Google has set in place. These techniques include paying someone to have links created or relying on links being created from systems that didn’t require people to watch over these systems.

If you take a few minutes to search Google, you will find companies that will create backlinks for websites for a fee. This is why so many people have negative opinions about these kinds of links because there are companies that will cut corners and create links while not caring about the quality of these links. Most people who feel this way thinks everyone who creates backlinks does so while not caring about the quality of these links.

Unfortunately, that is not true for most people who work in SEO. Many people know the ramifications of creating these wrong links. The ones who develop links without quality are eventually discovered and have to deal with penalties.

Another cause of the controversy in this topic is the argument people have between link earning and link building, although there are rules set in place that people in both jobs do their best to follow and abide by.

The people who build links correctly focus on creating articles that provide some service to readers. That means links are made, but the main focus is offering quality content to readers.

There are still link builders who claim that’s not enough and want to create links passively. What that means most of the time is creating content, advertising that content, and creating connections with people who enjoyed the content, which would cause people to want to promote links to your content.

Regardless of which one you choose, there is nothing wrong with either technique and they both work. So is there a reason for the controversy surrounding this topic? While everybody will have their own opinion, there is no reason to debate since it’s not always a black-hat technique. The people who build links without caring about the quality of the links make everyone who works in link building look bad.

The bottom line is link building is needed if you want your website to be seen by many people. There are right ways and wrong ways to use link building, but link building should not aim for unanimous hatred. It will provide quality for many different people if it’s done right.


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Published on: 2021-12-18
Updated on: 2022-06-15

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