3 Most Common Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make with SEO Strategy

3 Most Common Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make with SEO Strategy

If small and even medium-sized business owners fail to get their desired results when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. They may be making some of the more common SEO mistakes.

When you’re a small business owner, knowing how to optimize your website and its content to ensure that search engines find it is imperative as this will drive traffic to your company. However, not all companies follow the SEO guidelines needed to improve their rankings and visibility. The importance of SEO cannot be overstated. It serves as an essential tool and ensures that your company reaches the target market and remains competitive. It can be a vital key to diversifying a marketing strategy and tremendous success when optimized.

While there are many mistakes that a business can make, these are the three most common ones among small to medium-sized companies and information on how to overcome these mistakes.

Expecting Results Overnight

When you start with SEO, the first thing that business owners need to know is that they can’t expect immediate results. Like almost anything worth doing, patience is required to achieve success. Sometimes owners don’t take advantage of a thorough SEO strategy because they don’t want to wait to see the results.

Google algorithms will validate new content to decide relevance for any new website. Google will use more than 200 ranking factors to measure the quality of the content on the site. The content created needs to have its reputation for allowing SEO to attract customers organically. This may take a few months to see significant results. A study completed by Ahrefs noted that the average of the top-ranking pages is over two years old. The average age is almost three years for the top position on search engine results.

Small business owners should monitor their SEO campaigns for the weeks following any content published. Use tools such as Google Analytics to track performance and help understand what’s driving traffic. This can help owners determine which content is not providing the desired results.

Not Researching Keywords

The keywords used on your site are compelling for SEO. When deciding on keywords, it’s essential to perform detailed research on each one. Does the intent on every keyword meet the needs of the audience? Keyword-rich high-quality content will help improve search engine rankings.

Almost all customers are finding new goods and services with a basic Google search and keywords that describe what they need to see. For example, a customer interested in a touchscreen laptop will likely search for the “best touchscreen computer” in the search bar. Put yourself in the customer’s mindset and apply the keywords that best define the ideas and topics of your business.

Another essential piece of advice is to avoid the one keyword, one-page practice. Google’s AI system Rank Brain focuses on grouping similar keywords and phrases to show almost the same search results. If you have two or more articles or pages on the same topic on your site, it’s best to change them into one page or piece of information. This will help avoid keyword cannibalization to allow for more keyword variations.

Not Including High-Quality Backlinks in the Content

Backlinks are probably the most important ranking factor for Google. Backlinks are not negotiable when you’re constructing website content. External links to your content are a part of the Google formula which will boost search engine rankings and popularity organically. Unfortunately, most small and medium-sized business owners ignore this foundational SEO principle since it takes both time and research.

When incorporating backlinks, make sure that you only use credible sources. Google has quality guidelines that will penalize unnatural links and block any that don’t provide helpful content. However, keep in mind that a few high-quality backlinks are much better than dozens of low-quality ones. Some of the better sources are older pages that are updated regularly and focus on industry news.

It takes time and effort to see results with SEO. However, SEO will improve customer acquisition and business growth when you move forward with an optimized approach.

Published on: 2021-12-11
Updated on: 2022-01-05

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