Tips to Increase SEO, Rankings, and Traffic for Your Website

The process of building an SEO-friendly site with more organic search traffic generally takes time. This is because it requires planning, observation in addition to data collection. Don’t forget that the competition at the top is quite tight, hence you have to get everything right. That’s why some brands typically give up on SEO because it also takes a long to get Return on Investment (ROI). However, SEO is essential in building your site’s profile. Even a small amount of SEO work can result in significant benefits in organic search traffic.

A 2019 study by Brightedge indicates that almost 53% of web traffic can be tracked from organic search results. On the other hand, a dismal 15% of the same traffic comes from paid search. This indicates that SEO optimization is crucial. But how can you effectively implement the right SEO goals and meet your monthly KPIs organically?

With the high level of competition on the market and strict rules by search engine platforms such as Google, it is essential to invest in SEO aspects that are more likely to generate more organic search traffic. However, not every business can afford to spend a fortune on this. If you are looking for easy and affordable ways to do this, below is a comprehensive overview highlighting the three essential techniques that effectively drive more organic search traffic.

3 Ways to Drive More Organic Search Traffic

Here is an overview of how you can effectively optimize your organic search traffic:

1. Schedule Your Blog Post Publication to Once Monthly

Effectively building organic search traffic takes planning, especially if you are not ready to spend so much. Creating quality content that resonates with the needs of your target audience needs comprehensive research and preparation. Instead of publishing your blog post frequently, you can limit it to once per month. To do this:

Create a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions from your audience. Group all the related questions and make it your blog post for every question you answer. Sounds interesting, right?

Search on Google and sites such as Quora, Reddit, and Facebook to determine how other people answered similar questions and its effect on a specific audience.

Get a good mic and use your expertise to provide the relevant answers. After that, you can seek cheap transcription services. You can edit the article manually or use a software program to help you clean content before you publish it.

Send the article to those people on your mailing list and publish it on your web page.

Start the process all over again next month when answering a different question.

Also known as inbound or incoming links, a backlink is a type of link created when one website is linked to another in SEO. They are essential in helping search engines determine your website’s credibility. Generally, they help improve organic ranking, faster indexing, and enhance referral traffic.

Search engines such as Google usually consider websites with no backlinks untrustworthy and lacking credibility. But how can you effectively build a strong backlink profile for your site?

  • Use authoritative links: use links from sites with high authority, and your profile will quickly develop a significant value. But don’t forget to use different anchor texts when creating backlinks to avoid being penalized.
  • Build your online community: Social media can build a solid online community. Besides that, ensure that you post your content regularly so that your loyal audience always has something to look forward to.
  • Create YouTube content: diversity is vital in the SEO world. So, you can turn your content into YouTube videos. It’s worth noting that YouTube comes second to Google in search engine rankings globally.
  • Engage your audience: interact with your audience by taking part in conversations, offering referrals, and even answering relevant questions.

Note that while these techniques won’t provide noticeable results immediately, they are essential in ensuring you build a strong backlink profile. With time, you will notice that your website’s credibility has improved.

3. Seek Hourly-Based SEO Services from an Experienced Expert

For a company that is still growing or with limited revenue, hiring a full-time can be pretty expensive. However, you can still access premium SEO service on-demand by hiring SEO experts who offer hourly services. Hiring an agency may not be a suitable alternative for you, but getting an SEO expert who can take $1,200- $1,500 a month can be highly beneficial in enhancing more organic search traffic. The benefits of working with an SEO expert include:

Website audit: technical SEO experts conduct website audits concerning your website’s speed, on-page SEO checks, crawl your website, and check your website version to ensure your site remains browseable. This is important in improving user experience (UX), consequently improving organic search and website traffic.

Backlink profile building: SEO experts help determine the quality of your backlinks which are essential in building your website’s relationship with other affiliates and external sites. High-quality backlinks are critical to increasing your site’s visibility, building stronger relationships with other websites, enhancing referral traffic, and improving organic search.

Keyword research: of course, one of the top priorities of SEO is to ensure that web content and the most likely critical phrases by users in search engines speak the same language. With the help of an SEO expert, you can build an effective keyword strategy that is not highly competitive yet perfectly optimized to ensure you stay on top of search engine results.

Not every business entity can invest a fortune into SEO activities. But regardless of that, it’s still possible to drive more organic search traffic. You need to know what to do and invest in hourly services, and this will help improve your site’s foundation.

While SEO is a diverse field with many options that you can implement, the above-reviewed techniques are the best. They are easy to implement, realistic, and attainable. While they may seem like small steps initially, their impact is usually massive in the long run.


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Published on: 2021-12-11
Updated on: 2022-06-29

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