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Segment is a results-driven SEO consultancy providing a full suite of services to small, medium-sized, and enterprise companies.

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Pioneering the last frontier
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At Segment, we aim to go above and beyond to serve our clients, offering a culture of openness and honesty that you won’t find in other SEO agencies.

We believe that high-quality data has the potential to power a successful and ethical SEO strategy. We aim to go above and beyond to serve our clients, offering a culture of openness and honesty that you won’t find in other SEO agencies. While other agencies are keen to keep control of their clients’ SEO techniques, we are committed to teaching our clients about our processes, as well as how to emulate them.

We obsess about making our partners, clients and employees successful, and we keep our clients fully aware of our SEO process, campaigns, performance and reporting. We move fast, create memorable campaigns and constantly develop new ideas to help drive success. As firm believers in transparency and open communication, we are committed to ensuring our clients make the most out of our partnership.

What we do

Founded in Houston in 2019, Segment is an award-winning SEO agency that is empowering websites in the digital economy. With the vision to apply growth-driven strategies, we aim to help organizations dominate search engine results and disrupt their competition. Our SEO agency is geared towards helping websites reach an extensive online, search-driven audience – backed by intuitive software and real data.

Who we help

We work with companies in multiple verticals. From oil and gas and manufacturing to software and beyond, Segment supports various organizations. See what our clients are up to and how we’ve helped them accomplish better rankings, more website traffic, and sales growth.


On-Page SEO Management Services

Enhance your site-wide on-page SEO structure and user experience to improve the way search engines index and rank your site.

  • Page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, image alt tags, page speed, and usability
  • Keyword frequency, semantics, competitive analysis, robots.txt file, XML sitemap
  • Internal linking, site architecture, anchor text optimization, HTTP status code resolution, broken links assessment

Off-Page SEO Management Services

Our team of off-page SEO experts design link-building campaigns that help generate strong online authority and reputation among major search engines, including Google and Bing.

  • We partner with a number of publishers that accept guest post submissions. We take care of guest blogging, press releases, and syndicated content.
  • Listing your website to local, national or global business directories is another form of link building. Submissions can help accommodate your off-page SEO strategy and positively impact your rankings.
  • We develop social signals by posting your valuable content assets on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Keyword Management Services

We help bring your business to market with a keyword strategy that will get you to the first page of search engines. Our team develops, implements, and measures a comprehensive keyword strategy that brings in the most ROI.

  • Search volume insights and buyer intent signals
  • Keyword frequency, thematic research, semantics and relevance
  • Competition scores, keyword difficulty, and more

Content Development Services

Develop web content that increases your visitor-to-customer conversion rate. Get your content aligned with your marketing funnel to acquire more sales-ready leads.

  • Our team performs competitive research and analysis to identify how your competitor’s are shaping their overall content strategy, helping you to outrank them in search engine listings.
  • Being included on the top of search engines, including in Google’s Featured Snippets showcase, can help improve your click-through rates.
  • We help write long-form content, with over 1,000 words, to provide depth to your website and value to your readers.

SEO Audit Management Services

A website SEO audit and inspection will help improve and measure your traffic growth – and help you identify areas to improve your natural traffic growth. Our research team scans and analyzes each of your website pages, meta descriptions, header tags, page titles, content, links, and overall site structure.

  • Comprehensive audits and inspections
  • Audit strategy, implementation, and management
  • Issue resolution and benchmark analysis

Published on: 2022-05-27
Updated on: 2022-06-18

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