4 Reasons why your company might not need SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most highlighted marketing strategies given its ability to guarantee results at an affordable return on investment; this investment grows over time, even after you stop SEO campaigns.

SEO involves improving your web traffic quality and quantity by optimizing the website’s content, design, and authority; this optimization allows you to improve your rankings and becomes a top result in your niche. SEO optimization has a proven track record in increasing web traffic, which directly translates into increased sales.

Why might your company not need SEO?

Below, this article looks at some reasons why your company may not require SEO optimization. Going after a sturdy SEO may not be ideal for many reasons. 

1. You are looking for a quick fix.

The implementation of SEO takes time and cannot be quickly rushed. It requires extreme precision and research and analysis to reach completion. Search Engine Optimization has a proven ability to guarantee high returns on the invested resources. These results, however, come at the expense of time. Experts believe that optimization campaigns may begin to show their benefits quickly but usually require up to half a year to reach recognizable profitability levels. This marketing strategy requires tolerance and endurance. Companies looking to increase their sales rapidly may consider alternative methods such as Paid Advertising (PPC).

2. Your company is inflexible. 

Enterprise Companies tend to be considerably large and have many diverse departments. Such companies’ websites are equally large and require some doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Optimization for such companies needs to be done by skilled professionals and may even entail hiring a standalone SEO service. Before the marketing department can take up this endeavor, many wheels will have to be greased. Given the vast number of parties involved, parties looking to optimize will require intensive lobbying, plain politics, and persuasion tactics to effect changes to the company’s operational framework.

Having a poorly setup Content Management System for these enterprises makes optimization even harder. Making modifications or fixing this CMS may take too long given the involved bureaucracies and required approvals. Such companies would be better placed investing their money in strategies that guarantee quicker and more apparent results.

3. Your company doesn’t have a set revenue stream.

Implementing SEO strategies for businesses that are always changing is extremely difficult. Websites and companies with no fixed business plan may pose a significant challenge. These businesses typically don’t stay on the same track, and by the time optimization is complete, they may be down another route. Investing in SEO could be a misplaced endeavor in such cases.

Businesses that are always undergoing rapid change should consider other marketing avenues such as social media, paid advertising and using influencers. These methods will guarantee quicker results and save them valuable time and money.

4. Inadequate resources

SEO may not be the ideal consideration for small businesses that have not stabilized their resource base. Many small businesses have inadequate funding and resources and typically operate by cutting costs. Going for a sturdy and quality SEO campaign requires such companies to invest time, money, and other relevant resources. Small businesses should bide their time until they are at a point where they can comfortably invest in good SEO services without jeopardizing their operational well-being.

Such businesses may also consider smaller in-house SEO projects or adopt effective marketing strategies within their means. This project would entail coming up with an excellent website and using the available social media reach to maximize your content reach. Doing it yourself is not free, but will help you cut several costs and expenditures. Be careful as you optimize your website as a mistake could be detrimental and set your business back years. If you are not sure about what you are doing, let it go until you are better placed to enlist a professional SEO service.

Is SEO ideal for your business?

SEO tends to be extremely cost-effective and efficient as a marketing strategy. There is a lot of pressure for companies trying to improve their business standing to adopt and incorporate SEO into their business models. However, small business owners need to recognize that implementing SEO, in its entirety, may not be a necessity. While SEO is undoubtedly the key to marketing success, it may not be the most viable solution for your company at the moment. It is a demanding strategy that requires many resources to enable it to reach fruition. 

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Published on: 2021-01-29
Updated on: 2021-04-22

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